This their friends. The questionnaire contains some

This online survey was created by Survey Monkey and shared with the participants through many social media, such as WeChat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and LINE. The survey was forwarded by E4 team members and their friends. The questionnaire contains some basic demographic information such as the gender, age, average household income and favorite categories of Apps. According to the questions above, we can clearly find different people have different attitude for using apps.

A total of 100 individual responses are presented in this survey. According to the data, 14% of the participants themselves have an allergic problem. Most participants (72%) know someone who close to them have these issues. One of participants said, “Not an allergy problem, but I know some people who religiously cannot eat some foods.” The rest of individual responses (27%) do not have friends, family, or co-workers have allergic problem. From which we can know that allergy is a common phenomenon.

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The second part of the questionnaires researched the willingness of using Apps when participants are purchasing items in a supermarket. Data show that using smartphones during shopping in the supermarket is normal. Only 15% of individual responses show they never use a smartphone during shopping. 60% of them who do not use smartphone in-store participant, they never paid attention to nutrition facts. 13.33% of them show less interest in downloading scan apps.

The next part of the questionnaires is studying peoples’ interest in our application. By one scan, our app tells the users if the product they will buy contain allergic factors. Most people (38%) believe that reading the nutrition facts is an easier way to check ingredient. However, a group (21%) of participants think using app to scan product is more convenience. And two of those individual responses mention that reading the nutrition facts is normal way to know the ingredient, but they would try our application to see if it suits them. The rest individuals (39%), they either do not care about nutrition facts or do not want to download scan Apps. Whether it is willingness or unwillingness to use app to scan nutrition facts, most of the total responses recommend our scan nutrition facts app to who has an allergy. 88% of participants are willing to recommend the app to their friends in need. 82% of them will recommend to family members. And 68% of them will introduce the app to co-workers who has allergy.