This and certain safety standards. My Shop has

This Career Episode is a my work
very early in my new employment where there wasn’t any Shop in-charge for

CNC Fabrication Shop before I was
selected and joined here. After initial 15 days of my overview and overseeing

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The prevailing systems and culture
of the organization, I was surprised that much of the time was going idle
without any productive work and even management was not keen about it! I took
this as challenge and an opportunity to improve this situation ultimately
improving the overall production of my Shop. I am responsible for Productivity, COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality), 5S and
Safety Targets for my shop. Planning and Plant Maintenance are added
responsibilities here as Maintenance also reports to me.


B) BACKGROUND            


CE 3.1

STELMEC manufacturers Medium Voltage Circuit
Breaker Panels. There are actually Fabrication Structures having electrical and
mechanical instruments fitted inside it and then complete testing of panels
according to customer’s requirements and certain safety standards. My Shop has
complete facility of Fabrication of these panels viz. CNC Punching, Grinding,
NC Bending, MIG Welding, Pretreatment & Powder Coating and Structure
Assembly of Panels.

Much of the work is contractual. The
Contractors, have been given a contract on the basis of the Number of Panels
they manufacture per day and this was the major concern for the poor time
management I saw in the early days of my employment.CE3.4 I first decided my own to record the
unproductive timings and make a record of it. Then I thought I should take it
to the higher management with the plan to improve in it terms of productivity.
I stared working on it once after 20 days I felt settled with the working
systems, my routine work and my team in the organization. I have 6 Engineers
and 70 workmen (Company and Contractual) reporting to me for the target to
fabricate and assemble 300 panels per month considering 12 panels per day
considering 25 working days in a month.    I employed Time Study on my own. (Format
attached on Page 5). I recorded timing for all the activities happening in all
3 working shifts for all 6 activities happening in my shop floor (CNC Punching,
Grinding, NC Bending, MIG Welding, Pretreatment and Powder Coating and
Structure Assembly). For CNC Punching, Grinding and NC Bending, the manpower
utilized is on Company Payroll while for MIG Welding, Pretreatment & Powder
Coating and Structure Assembly are running totally on contractual basis. They
have been paid per panel basis. After recording the observations for 2 days for
all six activities running in my shop floor, there were some common
observations. The observations are as given below: i)                   
There was no any proper/scheduled timing being maintained by
Administration Department – 20 minutes of Tea Time twice per Shift. (Total 6
times per day) which was wasting waiting time for the workmenii)                  
There were two different lunch times (30 minutes each) within the Shop
floor for no reason. This was actually wasting productive time as once one
group was ready working after lunch, the second was in lunch period hence not
working – Delaying overall activity timeiii)                
Shift Start and End Hours were highly irregular. Workmen were punching-in
at Gate and then reaching to Shop floor after 15-20 minutes and start working
after 10 another minutes. Same was the case during punching-out at shift end
timing.  CE 3.5 I discussed these facts with my all 6 shift
engineers calling a meeting. I straight away asked whether they are aware of it
or not! They replied in partially assertive manner as there was no any data
like TIME STUDY which I employed for each processes of the shop floor. I
convinced them to improve these un-productive timings by involving our workmen
to make them aware of it and involving HR and Administration Departments to
reset the Tea and Lunch Timings to improve productive hours.   I called meeting of 30 minutes involving all
the workmen (Company and Contractual) to make them aware of it and explaining
them the improper utilization of the productive hours. They could understand
but they had their reservations for this just to work lazy. Similar meeting I
conducted for the night shift workmen. I made sure everyone working in my shop
engineers and all workmen (company and contractual) are covered as productivity
is the effect of SHEAR TEAM WORK and that too in manufacturing departments the
role of the bottom level people is vital.  CE 3.6 As I delivered a motivational lecture along
with some praise of the work they have been doing till now, they were convinced
to improve in their working culture and habits. I also gave them examples of
some very good MNCs where because of the proper time management, they achieved
some stiff looking production targets which ultimately will pay them in return
as their increments or perks. With this, I was convinced that I was able to
motivate and empower them within my 15-20 days in the organization as I was
relatively NEW in the organization as there was nobody before me working on
this position. I was the FIRST responsible for all these activities single
handedly. I took their commitment to make changes in Tea and Lunch Timing and
making some arrangements to adhere cut their timing to reach on shop floor late
and leaving it early based on already defined shift working hours.I then made a move with my next step with the
management level people. I called a meeting with HR, Administration, other
production heads (there were two other Production Departments – Breaker
Assembly Shop and Electrical Wiring &Testing Shops) and Owners of the all 3
Contracting agencies whose workmen were working in my shop with a clear agenda
of Productivity Improvement. I made a presented the day before I got
confirmation from all of them to be available on meeting day and time and
presented the facts I uncovered with my time study and they too were quite
surprised with the amount time actually BEING WASTED which could be converted
to productive hours. With all these, I was required to do the improvements I
wanted following the BUSINESS POLICIES (managing available business information)
of the Organization to manufacture 300 Panels by in-house Production and 700 by
Outsourcing it. I had to manage people this way. I also had deep thoughts for the solution of
the points I described as observations above and opened up with those in that
meeting.  Those were, i)                   
I along with Administration department to decide FIXED Timings for TEA
BREAKS of all three working shits and only ONE LUNCH TIME for all workmen
working in the Organization. These Timings need to be enforced and followed
 There has to be a SAPERATE
Punching Machine at the Office of Fabrication Workshop as this shop floor is
too far from the main gate which gives workmen time to roam around and reach at
workplace late. Secondly, with the punching machine within the shop premises,
my shift engineer can easily keep a watch on his workmen and monitor their
unproductive activities.   CE3.7 Things were decided and agreed upon in the
meeting but my SBU head was still unaware of it. I had to report him all these
happenings and I then took his time for 30 minutes to make him aware what is
the situation and what I have done in my analysis to prove that and what’s my
further course of actions to stop that with improvement in productivity of my
shop. He was shocked initially as nobody reported such things to him before I
joined and nobody could try to take measure of it. I then gave him the presentation of the
scenario before with the facts I collected and the joint meeting I had done
with the authorities getting their vote of confidence in what I was determined
to do for the betterment of my department and for the organization overall.   He then called an immediate meeting of the
Head of the Departments with a view to verify my findings and getting their
feedback of the meetings I had conducted with them. All of them were assertive
in the improvement needed as their departments were also affected with these
disorder in timings decreasing productivity. The Company was giving overtime to
the Company Workmen to make up the productivity and as Contactors were payed
based on the number of panels they fabricate/assemble/test, they were least
bothered by these timings as they wanted to work as per their own timings
without the pressure of schedules hours. CE 3.8


The root cause of all these timing disorders
was the high amount of contractual workmen and the paying method. Well, to
employ contactors and contractual workmen and the payment methods were all
decided by management few years ago but to maintain discipline in working
adhering to timings to improve productive hours is the look out of the PLANT


Well, it took time to re-adjust the timings
and putting a separate Punching Machine at Fabrication Shop office (within the
area of Shop Floor) and collective efforts to feed in the brains of mass of people
that why PRODUCITVE TIME is important.


Since last 4 months, the Organization is
ripping REWARDS of making people disciplined as 
we have stopped THIRD SHIFT Working which has increased the energy
saving of the whole plant by 11% and our OTD (On Time Delivery) is increased by
30% . These are HUGE ACHIEVEMNETS for the ORGANISATION. When I joined it was
65% (average of last 8 months which is increased do 90% in last 12 months). As
I was heading the entire CNC Fabrication Shop facilities, it was one of my Key
Result Areas to monitor the Business Performance of my Shop floor for Timely
Delivery of Panels to my internal customers (Breaker Production Shop &
Electrical Wiring & Testing Shop).


I was really shocked with this when I joined
the organization and I knew it at a very early stage of taking the reins of the
full-fledged Fabrication facilities. As I have a very respectable position, I
decided to take this challenge to change the scenario for the ORGANISATION as I
was hired for such improvements which requires courage, dedication, teamwork,
leadership and motivational skills and ultimately the DRIVE to bring people
forward with the sight of Organization GOALS. It was like contributing to
Origination’s Business Strategy for betterment.


It’s been 1 Year for me here now, and I still
feel proud of the work I did in the first two months of my employment where one
thinks to settle down first and then thinks to challenge something. It really
required courage to change the culture which was prevailing and guts to present
it to the Plant Head with a fact based analysis and proposal what can be
improved with this!


I really enjoyed my roe here as a Game
Changer which is the main task for the LEADERS.