This field of work, is it helpful

This study aims to determine the impact of work
immersion to the students first deployed by the curriculum

.Work immersion is the key to build and develop
empowered learners competencies and work ethic 
and values relevant pursuing further education or joining the field of
work achieve greater congruence between basic education and the nations
development target work immersion this program build by deped to seek of
students to hone and practice their ability through actual work by which
students are practicing how to handle their responsabilities and managing their
work.immersion is a kind of workshop that deals divergence of actual
demonstration on how to become a good worker in the country it is an act of training
out of the students for actual work depending on your capacities  and skills a proper orientation that shows job
fitness and direct conversation of self doubt to courageit is a way of
measuring students or individual strength on becoming socially independent with
a well trained hearts and hands 
generally it is a manifestation of becoming workaholic and well
disciplined person in order GENERALLY,become practically able and responsible
in all fields of endeavor.

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Background of study



The word
“immersion” as it applies to the K to 12 curriculum is defined in the
Department of Education (DepEd) Order No. 40, series of 2015:

Work immersion occurs in specialized subjects
and tracks (academic,technical-vocational-livelihood or TVL,sports,and Arts and
Design).(Isagani Cruz 2015(The Philippine star).




 this study focuses :



* Student who already immersed.



*All tacks on senior high (handumanan).



of the problem



   Today many students who have taken immersion,
it is the requirements to students to graduate in senior high.This study determines the
impact of the work immersion to the students after they under go to the field
of work, is it helpful to the trackses they taken in senior high or is it
helpful to the future work will taken.