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This Friday, I went to a exhibition called “I want to be rich without doing anything” (? ?? ??? ????) with John. This exhibition was held in Gangnam Art Gallary (?????). I think the purpose of this exhibition was to entertain modern people by criticizing the current society and forming a bond of sympathy, using a lot of slangs. The first artwork I liked was a series of phrases that showed the complaints of the modern people. The background was either a sidewalk or a crossroad. It was very crowded with people which made me to think that it was the rush hour. Some of the phrases were ‘?? ???’, ‘?? ???’, ‘?~ ?? ??’, and ‘??? ? 10?? ????’. Which are ‘It’s d*** freezing’, ‘when’s the weekend coming?’, ‘Ah~ I don’t want to go’, and ‘I just want a 10 minute of sleeping’ when translated into English. The object of “?~ ?? ??” can be both work and school. Thus, these phrases not only applies to workers, but also applies to students. Also, right next to this artwork, there was another series of phrases but the background was inside the subway. There was even the metro announcement. I think this is because many of people use the public transportation such as subway and bus. The most interesting phrase was “????…” (I want to sit…) because everyone in the subway would want to sit down rather than standing up and holding the handle for hours. No wonder why the Korean people call subway a “???” which could be translated into the “hell subway”. I liked how the two artworks are related to each other. The transition from walking to taking a subway was brilliant. The greatest thing about these artworks is that every citizens in Korea would agree with the funny but heartbreaking phrases. The second artwork I liked was a simple illustration of fireworks. You would doubt that why I chose this artwork when you only see the picture. However, it is funny if you see the title of it. The title was “??? ??? ??” which means “The sound of our tuition exploding”. This expresses the sorrow of students who pay a lot of money for their enrollment but the school uses them not wisely. This is sad because some schools don’t support the students or even teachers! Some schools offer financial support to the sports teams, but some other schools don’t even offer a bus for an away game. Some schools provides art classes with materials while some other schools don’t. This artwork criticizes the schools where they spend students’ tuition on unnecessary items, such as fireworks. It is interesting that this artwork seemed to be drawn really simple but has deep meaning inside when you read the title of it. Finally, after a number of artworks of wealth, money, and lottery, there were 3D letters that said “YES! It’s YOUR TURN!!”. This artwork encourages people that they can also success or win a lottery and be rich. There was also a section where there is a mirror with a lot of signs of winning a lottery and in the mirror it said “? ??!!” which means “I won the lottery!!”. The mirror makes the people to gain hope to be rich. I think this is like the ‘Mirror of Erised’ from the first Harry Potter movie which shows the desire of a person who’s standing in front of it. And then, on the other side, there were people’s wishes when they actually win a lottery. There were sentences like “I’m gonna ride on different cars each day” and “I’m gonna throw away the cover of yogurt without licking it”. The sentences on the side is hilarious because those sentences are often used as mythomania jokes in the internet. I think the exhibition knows people’s mind well because the artworks give us a lot of humor and grief. Also, the criticizing the modern society was fun to see, because it not only applies to the society but also applies to schools. I had a lot of connections with my life while seeing the exhibition. It was a short exhibition but it worthed it!