There different system can change a worker

is also mutual respect between coworkers, as well as between coworkers and

a manager never delays to suggest ideas to improve work processes. By
fulfilling a lot of their needs and life goals, they can get job satisfaction
and feel more confidence and want to perform the best at work. Continuous
learning and giving training and development when needed can sustain and
promote the ability of a manager. A positive work environment which is trying to
improve performance, efficiency and attitude all the time among employee can
also support a manager to be an excellent.

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 The Theoretical Supports


 Contingency Theory


theory reminds the mangers not to make just one fix plan in a situation. It is
also used for risk management. When a manager occurs unexpected risk or
unlikely, he or she have two option as a preparation. If plan A will be
success, we should have another plan B to keep our operation.


Systems Theory


who usage of the system theory understand how different system can change a
worker and how a worker can change the system around them. A system is organized
by many components to accomplish a goal. Without trying with collaboration may
not help a manager to reach the objective or mission.

Therefore, system
theory helps a manager to examine events in the workplace and to work as a
collective for organization rather than isolated.





Chaos Theory


is constant. Chaos theory state that how a small change in on state can affect
in large differences in a later state. It deal with things that are difficult
to control or predict. For example, weather, it is very difficult to predict


Theory X and Theory


 There are two different kinds of managerial
style. If the employee has little or no ambition or responsibilities, isolated,
and manager must apply hand-on approach. Managers should apply Theory X
management style when the worker is less of motivation and need incentive to
increase productivity.

Theory Y believes that workers are naturally driven and
take responsibility. Theory Y management does not imply a soft approach.


 Future Improvements


Continuous improvement becomes an
essential role enhancing the work process and identifying opportunities. To be
an effective manager, the more you learn and practice, the more success you
will become at work. Here are six ways to become more effective leadership

Be CommittedImproving Your EQ Skill Treat people tight Learn from your mistakeSupport innovation Be a good motivator


Be Committed A great manager who
understand the power of commitments can use it effectively in their
company operation. Commitments are essential for management and it can
also persuade potential customer for new products or technology.



Improve Your EQ Skill

intelligence is the essential skill to know engage one’s feeling. The ablilty
to stay cool and manage stress, facing difficulties strongly, the ability to
stay proactive are keys to increasing your emotional intelligence.


Treat people tight

tightly with each other is a good manner of a great manager.


Learn from your mistake                    

from mistake is the best experience for a great manager. Wise people admit
their mistake and take full responsibilities. The larger your goals, the more
difficulties you have been encounter and learn from your mistake.


Support Innovation

can get better quality, improve productivity and reduce costs, more added
value, and improve employee retention and motivation. In this technology age,
many organization are trying to innovate than others. Thus, to get competitive
edge, we must always catch up the up to date news and should apply it in time.


Be a good motivator

Motivation is an important role in any organization to get job
satisfaction. By recognizing all the good performance of employees, you can be
a good motivator. Listening the ideas of others may be a good tip of




every industry and every walk of life, management and leadership skills are essential things for
achievement. Leadership is creating a direction for some business and
inspiring employees to take initiative and make the right decisions about achieving goals.

An excellent manager need the skills to motivate, lead and
influence others.Good managers know how to persuade expertise employee,how to
increase market share, how to reduce costs etc. The key success factor is the
relationship between the manager and employee. Managers who haven’t
great effective communication skills are little chance to be succeeding, and
fail in collaboration. Good relationships are based
on trust, commitment and engagement, and a good manager’s essential role is to
build these relationships for the benefit of the organization.

Effective performance means defining
goals clearly, describing how can improve an employee’s skill when they face
difficulties of cannot get their expectation. Moreover, managers need to choose the right people for work and how to motivate them to complete
the objective, how to monitor and control, how to make corrective action and
how to keep in touch with them. Good managers understand how to pinpoint
an employee’s unique
strengths and decide how to capitalize on them.