There try to resolve their desperate situation

exist many types of crimes, namely blue-collar crimes, white collar crimes,
corporate crimes and so on. In criminology, blue-collar crime is any
crime committed by an individual from a lower social class, like working class
people and the middle-class people as opposed to white-collar crime
which is associated with crime committed by someone of a higher-level social
class while corporate crimes include ‘offenses like misrepresentation of
products, industrial espionage, breaches of health and safety regulations, and
hacking into rival companies’ computers to obtain confidential information.’ In
the early 90’s, British Airways had committed this unlawful act so as to gain
the confidential information about its rival Virgin Atlantic. Another example
would be, Argos and Littlewood were fined a total of 22.6 million Euros for
sticking the price on a range of toys so that the profits were kept
artificially high. This case happened in 2003.

The world is divided into two, namely: The Bourgeoisie
and The Proletariat and this exploitation gives rise to class conflicts between
the two classes. There are several cases, where common people are being
severely punished for the crime committed by the law of the country, while the
rich people, the politicians the members of the government who governs the
country are protected by the authorities, even the police, who apparently plays
a vital role in the society. It can be said that there is totalitarianism in
the society. Totalitarianism is “a system of government where
society is controlled by a small powerful group – an elite – and ordinary
people lack any control over government and decision-making.”

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who are at the bottom or even at the end of the social ladder tends to commit
crimes, namely blue-collar crimes. It can be in the form of theft, rape,
killing somebody. Basically, these people have a reason to commit these
offenses, like social deprivation and social problems such as poor housing,
having no job, poverty and also status frustration due to their lack of an
independent status in society. These has been linked to crime, as these people
try to resolve their desperate situation by committing illegal offenses.
According to the official statistics, blue collar crimes are mostly committed

The young generation


Working class people

While white-collar crimes included
infringements like bribery and corruption in government and business, fiddling
expenses, professional misconduct, fraud, and embezzlement. A good example
would be the case of Nick Leeson, who actually bankrupted Barings Bank in 1995
after losing the bank’s money, approximately 830 million Euros.

As explained above, white collar crimes and
corporate crimes are subjects that are belittled in the official statistics,
which gives the impression that fewer crimes are committed by the middle-class
people. Yet, there are many companies committing frauds and criminal elites who
simply don’t get caught for their misdemeanor or even, their crimes are not detected
by the police or by the laws. The official statistics gives the impression that
most of the crimes which have been committed by the poor people might be
ambiguous. Several reasons have been given to explain why crimes committed by
the rich and the corporate crimes are misinterpreted in official statistics.
Reasons are:

It is seen that such type of crime is often ‘without victims’
which might benefit both parties involved. For example, cases of extortion and
fraud both parties stand to gain something. It is therefore hard to detect such

Even if these crimes are detected, people who are found guilty,
they are not punished. For example, violations of health and safety legislation
often lead only to a reprimand. Crimes such as professional misconduct, medical
negligence, industrial fraud and cybercrimes are not so often reported to the
police. People don’t really report such types to protect the interest or even
the reputation of the company or the institution, and to avoid public
defamation while it could lose the public’s confidence. An example would be the
case of our Ex-Prime Minister Dr Navin Ramgoolam who lost the public confidence
for many frauds that he had committed just before the 2014 elections. He
eventually lost the elections against Sir Anerood Jugnauth.

There is often a lack of awareness that an offense has been done
and it is not reported to the police station. The public will not be aware of
the facts if the media doesn’t proclaim it.

In general, the higher
up you are in the social class hierarchy:

The less likely you are
to be arrested or accused of a crime

The less likely you
are, if arrested, to be prosecuted

The less likely you
are, if prosecuted, to be found guilty

If found guilty, it is
less probable that the person is given a prison sentence.