There first reason leading to this mental

There are no obvious
reasons why social anxiety disorder happens. However, there are some pieces of
information that are ascertained to have caused this type of disorder
(Goldberg, cited in Webmb. n.d). First of all, genetics may be the first reason
leading to this mental problem. Individuals who have a family member suffering
with social phobia will be easily influenced or hypnotized than others.
Secondly, it can also be related to having an overactive amygdala, one of the structures
in the brain controlling the fear reaction.


According to Mayo Clinic
Staff (2017), the main cause of SAD seems to be severe, extended, negative
experience in early childhood. Victims have to tolerate frequent occurrences of
horrendous physical or sexual abuse in childhood but primarily early
mid-childhood, a momentous course of development. Additionally, children who
experience practical jokes, torment, denunciation, mockery or disgrace may be
more susceptible to social phobia. A lot of discouraging events in life, such
as family dispute, fail or trauma are also accompanied with social anxiety
disorder. In some people, beauty treatment or shudder because of Parkinson’s
complaint can multiply the feelings of embarrassment and may trigger social
anxiety disorder attack.

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As Jefferson (2001)
reported, behavioural inhibition can be a principal predisposition to
increasing the risk of having social anxiety as well as other mental problems.
Many different features impact on individuals during the period of growth and
are probable to interrelate in complicated ways to elevate or avoid the
beginning of social anxiety disorder.


In general, the
derivations of social anxiety disorder are assorted and complex. Childhood maltreatment
and harsh conditions are probably hazard elements for this serious disorder. Also,

there may be an involvement
between parenting styles and social phobia, and assured genetic trains can lead
to socially anxious condition. However, it is vital not to dwell too powerfully
on the fundamental causes of social anxiety disorder. Moderately, the emphasis
should be for the purpose of the awkward thoughtful patterns which are preserving it.