Public designer clothes to wear during the school

Public schools should implement the use of school uniforms and have justifiable dress codes. There are firm reasons behind this claim. The first of which is that school uniforms are relatively cheaper. The second reason is that having school uniforms also reduce peer pressure. More importantly, school uniforms also relatively increase school pride. School uniforms are relatively cheaper. Historical Boy’s Clothing mentioned that when students use school uniforms they do not have to buy designer clothes to wear during the school year.

Designer clothes also get over washed and might be out of fashion within a short period of time. This will make students replenish their closets with new wardrobes almost every season. However, school uniforms have been recognized to be more economically friendly. They are cheap and changing them when they do fade would not be as expensive as changing designer clothes. Furthermore, most school uniforms are also, as stated in the aforementioned website, is designed to endure many washings so that it can be used almost everyday.

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This mostly concerns the parents who are usually in charge of the laundry. In other words, they are able to get more quality than they paid for. With regards to designer clothes, although they are made of sturdy material, the amount paid for mainly goes to the design than the quality of the material. The second reason is that school uniforms will also reduce peer pressure. This is an inevitable problem in any school, and the only answer administrators found was to implement discipline. Having school uniforms is part of that disciplinary process of reforming students.

When students learn how to be obedient, they are also able to know that there are rules and regulations that would do more good than harm. In this light, when students become disciplined individuals, the occurrence of violent behaviors and untoward incidents within the classrooms and corridors are lessened. With regards to school uniforms, violent behavior happens against those who cannot keep up with the latest fashion trends. It was mentioned in the earlier website that students get questioned by other students for their reasons of not being able to cope with the latest trends.

They get teased and bullied about the simplest changes in these trends. Moreover, sources say there are less fortunate students who could be very sensitive about what they where. This could also lead to violent behavior or retaliation. This kind of behavior regarding clothing is not only a shallow reason for students to argue about, but it also distracts the students from their main purpose which is to get a good education in school. To have students argue about the simple fashion trends does not teach students to be well rounded.

True, the faculty and staff may be the most intellectual set of people chosen to teach these students. But if the students are distracted by the incidents in school, on top of what they have to deal within their own homes, they might not be able to reach the objective of completing their education. Lastly, school uniforms should be implemented in public schools because it can increase both the school and the students’ pride. This is because a student is able to attain a certain sense of belongingness.

When students wear a print or design that is exclusive to that school, then the student will feel that despite being ridiculed by judgmental eyes he belongs to a certain group of people. Pride can sprout from these especially when the academic institution is able to have good students and excellent graduates. Furthermore, school uniforms are considered banners, as much as one school anthem become their battle cry. It unifies every student into one body. The failure of one is the failure of all. But it also means that the success of one is also everyone’s success.

They are bound by that one name and it can inspire a student to reach that collective goal or even go beyond everyone else’s expectations. In summary, school uniforms should be implemented in public schools because it brings benefits that will promote a well rounded education for students. In addition, school uniforms are relatively cheaper than designer clothes. It is also more durable because it was designed to endure washings for daily use. Having school uniforms will also reduce peer pressure and violent behavior. Students are not forced to always keep up with the latest trends, which can be very costly.

They will not be teased simply because they do not wear the latest designs because each student will be wearing the same thing. Furthermore, wearing uniforms can also become part of a disciplinary action. Lastly, it is most important that students wear school uniforms because it can bring forth a sense of pride and belongingness. Their uniforms will stand as their banner as it represents a good section of the achievements of the entire student body. Furthermore, it can be a form of inspiration for any student who will carry the name of the school, as they also carry these achievements that labeled them as a success.