There of a glacier, is causing the

There have been many terrible things
going on around us. Recently it has become worse. Some people wonder what had caused
all these terrible things to happen? Global warming and climate change is the
answer. Although climate change did not just appear out of nowhere, it was all
caused by people, by us. I think we need to take the changes of the climate more
serious and rely on the work of our scientists. While the rapid rate of change
in climate is caused by human’s, we are the ones who can also combat it.

“People are increasingly influencing
the climate and the earth’s temperature by cutting downs forests, farming livestock,
and burning dangerous chemicals” (European Commission). There seems to be more
storms, more tornadoes, and worse conditions of the weather. Climate change
does not impact just the animals, it impacts us too. We feel the effect of it
almost every day and if it doesn’t affect you now then you might feel the
effect in the future.

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Human activities are bringing up the Earth’s
temperature and fundamentally changing many things that are going on around us.
The main cause of the noumenon known is called the greenhouse effect. Gasses in
the atmosphere such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and
chloro-fluorocarbons let the sunlight in but keep some of the heat from
escaping away, it works similarly same as the glass walls of a greenhouse. The
more greenhouse gases there will be in the atmosphere, the more the heat gets
trapped in, creating, and strengthening the greenhouse effect and increasing
the earth temperatures.

Climate change has consequences for
our oceans, weather, our food sources, and our health. “When the temperature
rises, the ice melts” (Glick). Glaciers and ice sheets mostly such as Green
Land and in Antarctica are melting. The extra water, that used to be in the
form of a glacier, is causing the sea level to rise more and spill out of the
ocean causing more floods in coastal regions. These changes in weather cause
challenges. The warmer temperatures also make the weather more extreme which
means not only are the strong winds and storms intense, flooding’s get worse,
and heavy snowfalls, but are much longer and more frequent droughts. Growing
crops becomes more difficult and water supplies are diminished. “The frequency
of rainfall increases by 2 inches, which leads to longer periods of dryness”(NCSU).
Climate change can directly affect people’s physical health. The warmer
atmosphere creates and environment that traps and increases the amount of smog.
Higher levels of smog can lead to higher chance of getting asthma, lung cancer
and heart disease.

Activities like the burning of fossil
fuels have increased the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by more than a third,
since the industrial revolution. The greenhouse gasses were rapidly increased
in the atmosphere and have warmed the planet in an alarming weight

We can do a lot and start changing
the world by helping replace the fossil fuels with a renewable source of
energy, such as solar panels and wind mills, which don’t produce greenhouse
emission. If we start acting, then we might still be able to prevent some of
the worst effect of climate change. We can do a lot to stop climate change, more
people need to be aware of the issue regarding climate change. Its real, its
serious, and it’s up to us to solve it.  We
need to take care of this plant. This world is our home.