their I serve everyday. In my work,

performance and my desire to encourage positive health habits became evidently
clear. Striving to serve others became part of my goal as I began my career and
has driven me to educate individuals on the power of nutrition. Observing the
significance of how better nutrition impacted my life drove my desire to
develop a healthy lifestyle. Not only did my work on the soccer field improve, but
I also formed a better wellbeing that showed the vast potential I had in my
everyday life. From that point on, I knew pursuing a career in dietetics was
the right career path for me.

drive for self-improvement on the soccer field led me to an interest in
nutrition, but it is now my passion for empowering others through servant
leadership that fuels my growth as a health educator. I have felt most rewarded
when teaching prevention strategies and mentoring others in the community and
with the employees I serve everyday. In my work, I’ve seen children in less fortunate
situations desire to educate their family on nutritious food choices, to
providing presentations for employees on smart choices while grocery shopping,
these valuable experiences have given me the confidence to embark on new
challenges as a future registered dietitian.

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worked with the UK Football Team and assisted their Certified Specialist Sports
Dietitian to augment my professional and dietetics skills further. As part of
the Nutrition Performance Team, I organized and created nutritious meals,
snacks, and drinks to improve player performance on and off the field. From
creating weight gain smoothies to preparing quick energy and high protein
snacks, I was able to see the positive effects nutrition made in each player.

The UK Football Team gained 250 pounds of muscle and lost 500 pounds of fat
from these innovative nutrition approaches. From this experience, I
strengthened my teamwork skills by working with a range of educational
backgrounds and staff.

more experienced in the field, I single-handedly created a wellness program for
a company with over sixty employees. Combining wellness initiatives and an
environment that supported individuals to make healthy behavior changes,
enabled employees to use the wellness program as a support system in living a
healthy lifestyle. From creating quick and easy recipes with wholesome foods to
weekend challenges that motivated individuals outside of the workplace,
employees saw the positive effects through my guidance and expertise. These
teaching moments provided me with growth as an educator that made me more
confident as a public speaker and facilitator.

as a Public Health Educator, I work with a variety of individuals with
different backgrounds and ages developing programs that promote disease
awareness and employ strategies to improve the health of communities. I see
growth in those that I serve everyday through teaching children how to garden
to offering programs showing parents how to pack nutritious school lunches and
afterschool snacks. (trying
to add more here about employee wellness within the HD and county employees ex.

Month long nutrition program and healthy employee lunches)

by these experiences, I am positive that the Wellness Workdays Dietetic
Internship will allow me to excel in the next chapter of my career.  Ideally, I want to work as a work-site
wellness dietitian within a growing company and implement new strategies to
reduce the costs of healthcare. The worksite wellness emphasis, along with the
countless opportunities within my rotations, will expose me to the diverse
array of experiences I need to grow and succeed as a future dietitian.

Furthermore, the WWDI will provide me with the skills I need to reach my
long-term goal of leveraging worksite wellness relationships across the Middle
Tennessee region to tangibly impact the health and wellness of the community as
a whole.