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The War between Texas and Mexico was so order that Texas can achieve their Independence from Mexico.Between 1793 and  1839 Stephen.F.Austin broth 300 American families to Texas during 1825.1 years later Texans and Tejanos dislikes Mexico’s President rules So they started their first fight with Mexico.That will mark the change to Texas freedom from Mexico.The battle of Gonzales it started October 2,1835.Mexico gave Texas a cannon to defend from Native American tribes.Mexico was afraid that Texas will use it against them,to Texas was not thing on attacking such a well  armed force.Texas did not want to give up there cannon;consequently,that is how there first fight started.They used a wedding dress,made it into a flag also they wrote one of the most memorable words from Texas “COME AND TAKE IT”.The 2nd battle that Texas had was At one of the most memorable spots in Texas,the Alamo ho can forget one of Texas most memorable battles.A battle that lasted 13th days.There were about 600 men ate the Alamo,also there was William B.Travis and James Bowie some Texas most memorable soldiers from the Alamo.During those 13th days Sanna Anna send 15,000 men to kill everyone at the Alamo;additionally,not including women and children there.At the Alamo Texans soldiers were meeting there finale hour,that will be there last time to serve their country.Even to because of this,they will be remembered has the saying “Remember the Alamo””Remember Goliad “was there battle cry.Texans were filled with anger of there fellow Texans deaths at the Alamo.Sam Houston was tired that Mexico had killer there men and lost in two battles;therefore,Sam Houston went and fought for the battle of San Jacinto.Do Mexico had about two times more soldiers in the battle.The battlegrounds were different.Mexico was on surrounded by water and marshland,which gave Texas a huge advantage over Mexico.On May 14th Th,1836 Texas attacked early in the morning/night.They came into battle saying Remember Goliad and Remember the Alamo,also they did not let any man left alive.Instead of killing Sanna Anna Sam Houston made Sanna Anna sign the Treaties of Velasco that proves there Independence.Texas was only free for less than 10 years before becoming part of United States.