The grandparents, while my parents were in

The idea of history and biography was introduced by C. Wright Mills in 1959. This idea shows how relationships between individual struggles and the large social forces are connected. Sociologist C. Wright Mills expands on the importance of timing in his book The Sociological Imagination, where he says that all of our lives are shaped by the intersections of our own personal biographies and history( sociological imagination book). By knowing the relationship or “intersection” between history and biography we can see how hard times and social struggles are connected.        My name is Emma. I was born in 2002 in Mocksville, a small county with southern culture. The best part of my life was spent in Mocksville with my grandparents, while my parents were in rehab. I have too many siblings, 7 to be exact. I am now a 15-year-old student. Education is a very important part of my life and has provided me with skills towards getting smarter; it also teaches me values of proper ways to address leaders. Although my life has had a very rocky start with many challenges so far, I plan to overcome them one at a time someday. One of my goals is to excel in school, both to get a better future and to make my grandparents proud. While applying C.Wright Mills’ idea that sociology describes the intersection between history and biography, I will think back on the problems and struggles that I have faced in my biographical background that are connected to the social institutions ,and to the social culture in my history.         Growing up in Mocksville was like a dream, as I believed that I had it all; friends, family, love, care and everything that I could possibly ask for. I always took for granted the simple, joyful and fun-filled life in Mocksville , such that if I was given the opportunity of going back in time, I would go back and relive those wonderful, precious moments. We believed in strong family ties and togetherness, in both good and bad times. A Family’s reputation is a very important part of where you live, where the reputation of one of your family members is a symbol of the entire family’s reputation. For this reason, most families are very careful and strict in their children’s upbringing, as they will be judged based on how their children turn out or how successful they are.        Technology has also impacted my biography. Technology has grown largely over the last few years and impacted society. Technology has allowed me to grow in my learning and have access to many new opportunities. But it has also negatively impacted me to which you see bad things on the internet. When my mom made some people mad on Facebook, all of those people ranted and raved on their pages to where it started to come back to me. With the use of technology I made a great friendship with a girl from Australia. It can also promote bad things, like if you put yourself out there for everyone you have a higher risk of catfish and abduction. Overall technology has allowed me to grow as a person and this is a major resource.