What What quality control measures will you introduce?

What are the main steps involved in making your product/providing your service? In the process of making our product we needed to make sure that we had everything needed to produce the bags. The art teacher helping us knew exactly when we wanted to make them. We also had to give her 24 hour notice in order for her to able to get everything ready in order for us to begin silk screening. All the screens needed to print the bags had to be treated before hand; we also had to make sure that all the colours we wanted to use were available.

After we had made sure we had everything needed we had to begin printing, we had to decide on what colour would be put on which bag, as we had ordered two different coloured bags, natural and red. The natural coloured one could be printed with any colour as it would go with any, but the red would have to be matched with complimenting colours. Firstly we had to order the amount of bags we needed in the colours we wanted.

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Secondly we had to decide on the patterns we wanted to print; we then had to make stencils out of them by cutting them down to size in order for them to fit over the bags perfectly Thirdly we had to decide on what colour to use on the bags, we needed colours that would stand out, it was easy to put any colour onto the brown because they all looked bold but the red bags were much harder to find complimentary colours for.

Finally we had to make sure that everything was in order and then we printed the patterns onto the bags and let them dry. Who will be involved? In the making of the bags everyone in production was involved; we also had the help of our Art teacher Ms Maye, during the last few sessions of production everyone involved in the company ended up helping out making the bags. How will you ensure the quality of your product/service?

Each bag is printed individually and because of this all bags are printed to perfection, the stencils used are replaced whenever needed to ensure the quality of the bags remain the same. The first few bags we printed hadn’t come out right, there were small patches where the paint hadn’t come through, and this was fixed by someone filling in the patches with paint. What quality control measures will you introduce?

In order to ensure all products produced were done to a level of certain standard we made sure there were enough people willing to help in production so that if 1 member got bored/tired of making the bags another member would be waiting to take over. This measure would make sure that the bags were all produced with equal effort. The cake sale was the first fund raising activity we did, each member of the group/company was asked to bring in a cake or any other form of confectionary which would be sold at break times to the students.

The problems which arose were that there were a lot of people who were unwilling to help sell the cakes because it meant them giving up their break times, this resulted in having the same several people sell the cakes at both break and lunch which seemed unfair as they had to lose both breaks. The total amount of money made was around 43.00. The play station games tournament was then done several weeks after the cake sale and managed to raise �10.00, basically a member of the group volunteered to bring his games console in along with one of the latest football games he then challenged students to a competition to see if they could win against him. If the students won they would get back double of what they paid to participate. The problems with this activity was that if the students won the game we would be making a loss as we would have to pay out double what we were given.

The Valentines Day sale was probably the most successful fund raising activity, we also got a chance to trial our product this way. Valentines gifts such as teddy bears, roses and other sentimental gifts were sold as well as a few samples of our bags; we had a selection of the red canvas bags with design and patterns on them relating to valentines. These bags were filled with a teddy bear and a rose, each of the bags were sold quite quickly this showed that the bags were going to be a good idea. The total amount of money made from the valentine’s sale was �00.00. The only problem with the valentines sale was that there were several items left over which couldn’t be sold again as they were designed specifically for Valentines Day.