The list can go on and on. First

The internet is a true leap of innovation for humans, it’s so vast and expansive you can literally type anything in the search bar and they will find hundreds if not millions of results in the matter of milliseconds. The internet can be used for communication, innovation, education, partnership, freedom of expression, and so much more the list can go on and on.  First question what is net neutrality, the main thing I am defending. Net Neutrality is the open internet it’s the principle that Internet service providers or ISPs should give access to all customers to all legal content and applications on a level playing field which means no favoritism. Net Neutrality gives us freedom to let us go to any website without it being blocked or slowed down. It also prohibits from ISPs charging content providers a fast lane content that is faster loading and then deliberately charging money to view content. So in general Net Neutrality makes the internet free and open to everything which makes a massive variety of content and applications. Also makes it easy for startups and kickstarters and provides innovation from people that don’t really like talking to executives of how to change something in the company. But some companies think its ok to bypass these laws of Net Neutrality instead of making the internet free and no discrimination or charge differently by user and content. They violate these terms slowing down there competitors and throttling their own services which charge more to their consumer. Comcast for example did this to BitTorrent by slowing their sources and blocking adds but then the FCC intervened and put a stop to them. The FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s philosophy is to inform by few principles. “Rules that reflect these principles will result in more innovation, more investment, better products and services, lower prices, more job creation and faster economic growth.” said by FCC Ajit Pai thinks getting rid of the whole system of net neutrality will be better for the nation, many of the people not the representatives thinks thats a terrible idea. It’s another way for giant companies to make money and destroy innovation. They did take the votes and the repeal of net neutrality was passed, its going to be a few months before anything goes into action but here is what is going to happen to the free open internet. ISPs like Comcast, Verizon, AT, and DirecTV and others will be able to block content and slow down video streaming services from there rivals and offer fast lanes. Some rules there implanting now, “when AT&T customers access its  DirecTV Now video streaming services, the data doesn’t count against their plans data limits. Verizon likewise exempots its Go90 services from its customers data plans. T-Mobile allows multiple video and music streaming services to bypass its data limits essentially allowing it it to pick winners and wonders in those categories.” says But it’s not just rivals, the ISPs are going after everyone for more and more money. They are making plans to take over almost every app you use on your phone and will be charging you monthly for using that app for example instagram, snapchat, facebook, twitter, and linkedin all will have a charge for 4.99 a month and different ISPs can charge differently. Here’s the thing you can either spend money on something that use to be free for all but now you have to pay like its your phone bill or you can not buy into this and you’ll be out of the loop on all media. So no net neutrality means no innovation, internet will all be for the rich, startups will be extremely difficult and seeing other companies rise will have slow loading times or being blocked because verizon says so.Democratic FTC commissioners Terrell McSweeny says “That the FTC is only an enforcement agency it doesn’t gave the authority to issue industry-wide rules such as a ban on blocking lawful content. In many cases, she says, the agency might not be able to use antitrust law against broadband providers that give preferential treatment to their own content or that of partners.”But it is not all bad, good news is that the internet will still itself for the coming months. Blake Reid, a clinical professor at Colorado Law Says “The big Broadband providers will wait to see how the inevitable legal challenges to the new FCC order shakeout. They’ll probably keep and eye on 2018 and even 2020 election as well. The courts could shoot down the FFs order or given enough public pressure, Congress even could pass new net neutrality laws.”