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The Mirror has a bold headline with large lettering, all letters featured in upper case summarising the incident ’20 skiers killed as jet slices cable car wire’. Below the headline is a photograph from the scene portraying the blood, the mangled wreck and workers. Below he picture is a small caption talking about the event, it is headed ‘devastation’ in small bold upper case lettering. At the top left corner is a small photo of a similar cable car to the one involved in the accident. Below this is a small lettering with the title ‘death car’ in bold upper case. Then below this is a sub-headline ‘brits tell of horror in snow’.

This is in bold with the ‘brits’ only beginning in upper case. Below this is in bold is a summary of the incident. Then the report continues with normal small lettering throughout the report. They include a pull-quote in the middle of the first column , this is an extract from the report and is highlighted in order to capture the reader’s attention. They include a diagram of how the cable wire was damaged. This is to simplify the situation to the reader and inform them if how it happened. It also includes notes of each stage, also enclosed in the picture is a map of where Cavalese is situated.

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They also have a large bullet point when they go on to discuss a connected story that happened previously in the area. Also the word ‘under’ in the report is put in upper case to emphasize this. The Times layout begins with a large picture of the scene with the destructed cable car in the Italian Alps with people standing by. This picture stretches across the report with a caption below summarising the picture. The headline lies in the centre in bold lettering all in lower case saying ’20 die in cable car after jet cuts wire’. The report continues in usual style. Below this is a small map detailing the position of where the plane hit the car.

Nearby this is a larger photo of the American jet that done the damage with a caption below titled ‘A EA-6B Prowler ‘it is layout this way as it is more sophisticated and the usual of a broadsheet. It lacks any pictures or diagrams about the event which shows Newsweek does not care about it. The Newsweek begins with a small title all in a thick font of upper case labelled ‘WORLD AFFAIRS’. Below this is another title in upper case and narrow lettering ‘THE MILITARY’. Underneath this is a large bold headline labelled’ Blood on the Snow’ with ‘blood’ and ‘snow’ beginning in upper case letters to reinforce those two words.

There is a sub-heading discussing what the report entails with ‘Europe’ and ‘America’ beginning in upper case lettering. Below this is the writers of their report with it in small upper case lettering. Also the first letter in the body of the report is large and bold. I think The Times is the best report on the incident. It shows the full horror with the close-up picture of the destroyed cable car, the Mirror features this also but it is an aerial view so we do not get to see the full extent of the scene.

It also has more detail as it states the exact time of the incident and talks of the cable car and how much it could hold. It also mentions what happened before the incident and the build up to it. It is effective in doing this as by showing the reader the picture of the location, it is more specific then the Mirror’s photo as it is larger and less general. Also the picture of the plane is helps the reader envision the power it holds and with the force it may of hit the wire. The Times also gives more information on the area including a past accident and some history about the area.

The Mirror uses its sensationalism to exaggerate the event by highlighting the word ‘under’ in bold this is used to blame the Americans for deliberately flying low and by using the word ‘innocent’ to describe the tourists who took the consequences for the careless Americans. The Times is also bias but it is not as blatant as in The Mirror, it says the plane had been flying ‘very, very low’ and that it was attempting to pull itself up when it hit the cable. This shows that thy are slightly bias as they seem to be defending the Americans in a very subtle way.

An eyewitness also says and it also mentions that a US pilot said it had a ‘bad jolt’. The Newsweek has a cynical view on the event and there involvement. This is two weeks after the event which shows that they do not care about the accident they attempt to put the blame on the Italians as they did not defend the Dolomites the week of the accident. They also try to say that both the U. S and the Italians have been ‘hot-dogging’ through the cables. Due to it being an American paper they were more concerned with the safety of the pilots then those dead or injured.