The members and students shall adhere to the

Institution strives to promotes and preserve a
climate of research which promotes creativity, innovation and productivity with
high ethical standards. The Institution encourages and directs its members –
teaching staff, students, as well as administrative staff to abide by the
highest standards of integrity, accountability and responsibility in academic
research. The institution also emphasizes the
researchers to work towards the highest ideals of research while fully
respecting academic freedom and individual uniqueness. The
code of ethics in research sets forth the general principles to ensure quality
and rigor in research while eliminating misconduct.

The faculty members and students shall adhere to the following
guidelines for maintaining integrity and ensuring ethical practices in

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Ø  The researchers shall conduct all research activities according to
appropriate ethical, legal and professional frameworks, obligations and standards.
They shall maintain professional and scholarly integrity at every level of

Ø  The research shall be grounded on core values like quest for
excellence, value system, Women empowerment, entrepreneurship development, global
competencies and nation development.

Ø  The research shall focus on contemporary and novel issues leading
to promotion and sustenance of quality in education. They shall consider the
likely consequences of their research and research findings for the wider

Ø  Researchers should be open to collaborative work with
investigators having different &/ complementary skills within the
Institution or elsewhere. Early understandings should be reached in any
collaboration especially about sharing of research resources and materials, authorship
credit and responsibilities.

Ø  They should work together with the researchers to strengthen the
integrity of research and to review progress of research regularly in a
transparent manner and with a sense of commitment.


Ø  Researchers shall apply for sponsorship from Government or
Industries with prior information and permission from the Head of the
Institution. They shall submit progress and final research reports to the
sponsors as well as to the Institution at times specified in the project award.
They should be transparent and accountable in the use and disbursement of
finances for the research and shall be produced whenever asked.

Ø  They should comply with all occupational and safety instructions
and make proper use of equipments and material resources. They should ensure
that laboratory wastes are properly disposed or treated, and that research
activities do not result in environmental degradation. 

Ø  Research conducted shall protect the rights, dignity, health,
safety and privacy of research participants. Research protocols involving
Human/ animal subjects must ensure that all the State regulations and policies
are being followed. They shall respect cultural, individual, and role
differences among research participants and consumers, including those based
on age, sex, nationality, language, or socio-economic status. 

Ø  Researchers have the ethical responsibility to respect the trust
and use the data collected only for the stated research purposes. Researchers
should not disclose personal information or the identity of participants in
written or oral reports and discussions.

Ø  Researchers should acquaint themselves with the relevant
quantitative methods available for processing data, including graphical,
photo-images and tabular methods of presentation, error analysis and tests for

Ø  Researchers shall establish process to organize, store and protect
data that is generated in the process of research. They shall maintain a clear,
detailed and complete record of data in the research undertakings. Extensive
data may be stored electronically. Special care must be taken not to
misinterpret the data.

Ø  It is an ethical obligation for an investigator to make research
findings accessible, in a manner consistent with the relevant standards of
publication. Publication/        Presentations
 should be done timely and accurately.

Ø  Research data obtained in studies performed at the college should
be published with acknowledgement to the Institution. If there is any
possibility that a copyright or patent application might emerge from the
project, the researcher should file an Invention Disclosure with the Head of
the Institution.