The stop seizures amongst many epileptics. Marijuana

The positive benefits and medicinal purposes of marijuana should justify its legality. Medical marijuana could be used to help with chronic pain, help stop seizures, and stimulates endorphins. Understanding these factors contributing to the ongoing controversy involving the legalization of marijuana could change society’s views on the drug. Firstly, chronic pain can be subdued after consuming a certain amount of marijuana. This is due to the fact that the THC crystals, the primary psychoactive constituent in a cannabis plant, is scientifically proven to help ease pain. A study conducted at the university of kentucky concluded that the neurological pathways to the brain that transfer pain to your body limits the flow so that you feel minimal to no pain. Furthermore, cannabis is proven to be a much healthier and a better solution when dealing with chronic pain. This is because a common solution recommended by doctors for many years has been opioids, such as morphine and oxycodone. The reason cannabis is considered better than opioids, is because opioids are highly addictive and have a grossing overdose rate with a total of approximately 28,000 people over the last 2 years. Kevloria, “Evidence shows that marijuana works for pain, the medical reason most people want it – but doctors still have questions,” Business Insider, January 29, 2017, , accessed May 29, 2017, Secondly, marijuana has helped stop seizures amongst many epileptics. Marijuana distillate and oils can be ingested to stop seizures. This is caused by again, the THC found in the plant suppressing the neurological problems that cause seizures. Many different methods of ingesting these distillates and oils have been manufactured and are selling on the market without FDA approval to many families whom have members that suffer from epileptic episodes, and have been giving very good reviews on the products. One example of an exceptionally effective product is cannabis nasal spray. This spray is proven to stop seizures in no more than 20 minutes. Moreover, parents and doctors are trying to get this product FDA approved, as it’s showing substantial results. To spread awareness of this product, parents everywhere have been filming their children in the middle of a seizure and using the spray, exhibiting how quick and effective it is. Jeneen Interlandi, “Can Cannabis Oil Really Treat Seizures?,” Consumer Reports, , accessed May 29, 2017, Finally, the most common use for non-recreational cannabis consumption is treating anxiety and depression. Marijuana stimulates endorphins which makes you less stressed, hence reducing the effects of anxiety and depression. A study conducted by the university of buffalo’s research institute on addictions have been studying a brain chemical called endocannabinoids. This chemical is naturally produced and acts as as a chemical similar to that of cannabis. This contributes to a person’s motor control, cognition, emotions, and behavior.  Many experiments have proven that a certain amount of marijuana in face does help ease symptoms of depression, as introducing it to the system helps regulate and restore normal levels and functions. It’s said that marijuana is a trigger of schizophrenia and psychosis for people who are at higher risk of those conditions, however, that has not been proven. Lecia Bushak and Lecia Bushak Lecia Bushak Is a Writer and Reporter Focusing on Medical, Science, and International News. Read More, “How Marijuana Relieves (Or Exacerbates) Anxiety,” Medical Daily, March 07, 2014, , accessed May 29, 2017,  Melaina Juntti, “Study: Marijuana Can Help Battle Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and Addiction,” Men’s Journal, December 01, 2016, , accessed May 29, 2017, conclude, the positive benefits of legalizing marijuana solely for medical purposes should be taken into consideration as it clearly helps a number of people in a variety of ways.