The their wages. On December 27, 1831 all

The Baptist war also known as Christmas Day Rebellion. December 25, 1831 60,000 slaves led by a Baptist preacher to fight against the British colonial government of Jamaica. It was an intense elven day rebellion. They called it a Baptist war because many of the 60,000 people fighting in it practice Baptist faith and they also call it the Christmas Day Rebellion because it lands on Christmas day.

The leader of this was Samuel Sharp. Samuel as given limited freedom on the island except for holidays or religious holidays he had a little more freedom so during that time he used it to travel and spread the word about starting a revolt by gathering people from all over. Christmas day was day one of the revolt. All the participates went on strike, they gave the plantation works ultimatum either they hire their wages or they will no longer be working for them. The planters where not going to give in they refused to raise their wages.

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On December 27, 1831 all hell broke loose. The rebellions lite the sugar cane field on fire. This all started to escalate on the Kensington Estate near Montego Bay. Then on December 28th the rebel military group (Black Regiment) stepped in, it was led by a slave named Colonel Johnson. They started to help them burn down different estates throughout the island. They didn’t stop until they were given higher wages.

The Baptist war (Christmas Rebellion) came to an end January 1832 the start of the New Year. Many rebels have been killed and somewhere also executed. Samuel Sharpe was included in the execution, for his death they did it a little differently by hanging him. The Baptist war was something beneficial since it influenced Great Britain to put an end to slavery across all the colonies, this also involved Jamaica and the West Indies. To me this was very sad but also something very amazing because of this revolt it put somewhat of an end to slavery and gave slave freedoms and a say. It’s very sad that many people had to die in order to get to this place just because they wanted to be treated equally.