The three revolutions have already seen by the

The three revolutions
have already seen by the world in the past: the first industrial revolution
began in the year 1784 when humans started utilizing mechanical powers causing
the growth of industries such as coal, iron, railroads, and textiles and also
systematically moved away from the animals. The second industrial revolution
came about in the late 19th and early 20th century
witnessing the expansion of electricity, petroleum and steel. The first two
industrial revolution made people richer and more urban. Modern communications,
digital systems and the birth of modern computers ushered in the third
industrial revolution, bringing us the products such as the smartphone and
social media. Putting things in context, the third industrial revolution
ushered more people in having access to a mobile phone than basic sanitation
and a fundamental human need. Well, each revolution brought progress in the
previous era and the fourth industrial revolution is no different. In the course
of the current revolution we can anticipate existing and future technologies to
become fully submerged in the societies and humans. Advancement in robotics and
automation, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and material science will
fuel this era and fundamentally change the functions of the modern economy. The
effects of the fourth industrial revolution are expected to be far more
profound, for better and for worse than what humans have ever seen.

At present, we are at the
initial phase of this fourth stage, which is characterized by so called
“cyber-physical systems” (CPS). The fourth industrial revolution focuses on
making our industries more productive with automation cloud computing, shying
away from fossil fuels and making super-soldiers (through genetic engineering).  Genetic engineering will not only help us in
rectifying defective genes but it will also open up a possibility to make a new
coming generation more Charles-Darwin “fit”. With the emerging technology, it
is pretty much exciting and apprehensive of what could possibly happen in the
coming near future. Automation and cloud computing will help in making our
lives very comfortable. From industries to the household activities, robots
will replace human labour and involvement and will give humans the freedom from
the concept of work and will give the chance to work our real passions.

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So now talking about what
makes the fourth industrial revolution different other 3 industrial revolutions.
Well, that would be everything. Fourth industrial revolution brought unlimited
opportunities such as faster prototyping and time-to-market with 3D printing
and production, treating diseases and illness with nanotechnology, micro-financing
using robot’s advice and advanced algorithms, more efficient, comfortable and
on top of that affordable connected homes, convenient and safer travel with autonomous
vehicles and also other improvements made in material science, entertainment,
energy- well the list goes on and on. It is marked by differential thinking
where linear solutions are no longer applied. The analog version replaced
digital version and the knowledge and invention are cumulative. The fourth
industrial revolution is delineated from third industrial revolution by three
main concepts which are- extreme connectivity, extreme computing power and extreme
automation. Below I have talked about those three main concepts in detail.