The excuse to turn said regime into a

The Iranian revolution was an absolute upending of civilized culture in the Middle East. Religious fundamentalists replaced the secular monarchy with Islamic Shia tyranny. The most shocking part of this is that it was almost entirely non-violent, until after the fact. The new Islam leaders slaughtered and exiled the remaining forces of the old regime and took to instituting religious laws and imposing barbaric repercussions for disobedience. A country that used to have great colleges, famous scientists, and was in step with the leading countries of the world was suddenly hurled backward in time by several centuries.
How did this happen? If it seems to you like this revolution was a step backward that seems to defy all modern societal reasoning, you’re not alone. Rumors abound that the United States had their hands in this revolution from the beginning, having foreseen the eventual inevitability of the former Monarch demanding renegotiation of the OPEC contract, enacted a long term solution that took the form of a protection scheme. The formula is as follows according to alleged ex-CIA operatives,
Step 1: identify forces in opposition to target regime
Step 2: build covert relations
Step 3: arm your new allies
Step 4: foster civil unrest to weaken regime control forces
Step 5: revolution starts
Step 6: America has an excuse to turn said regime into a puppet state under the guise of protecting their nation from either terrorism or tyranny, or both.
Step 6: commandeer resources, hand out massive loans for rebuilding the nation you just destroyed, and give the rebuilding contracts to American corporations like Halliburton.
This wasn’t the first time or the last that America would use this tactic, but it was one of many events that shaped the climate of non-stop war we’ve been living in for decades.
During Reagan’s administration as President there was a scandal in which a group of rebels our nation was funding in South America were revealed to be dealing in cocaine, so Congress decided to cut off the Contras (as they were called), but for some unquestioned reason, an American General decided to sell weapons to Iran in exchange for gold, then give the gold to the Contras to continue their fight against the Sandinistas.
What gets overlooked is the coke. To the government, drugs are as good as re-printing money and putting it in their bank account. There are declassified documents that reveal the CIA intentionally got people addicted to an entire panel of drugs, and noted their desperation to date their addictions. With what was learned from the prohibition of alcohol, the CIA predicted the rise of drug crime and decided to put it in the hands of minorities by flooding their ghettos with the drugs. By exploiting the weak and poor the CIA was finally bankrolled with invisible money to carry out the dirtiest of black ops all over the globe.
America also has a unique approach to stifling revolution. There are protests and outrage every day in this country and nothing ever changes the way it changed in Iran, or in colonial America. Mostly, our people are distracted by the circus of celebrities and media that is paraded in front of them every day, and if not that then so consumed in their own existence that they forsake all the world around them for a car, or a job, or fame, or adrenaline. Our culture is our poison, and our culture is essentially infinite, growing every day, and even that becomes a distraction, an argument that “this new thing is not okay” even though the exact people saying that likely disagreed with the same notion at one point in their life. “Rock and Roll isn’t evil, it’s cool music” and then fast forward to “rap is shit and will make your life shit” it’s all a big circle that not everyone realizes is a circle, most just keep right on walking.
We all feel like we have a pretty good handle on things, that our lives are ours and we can do anything, or at least we have options. This isn’t a false perspective, but it’s a little lighthearted when you realize that everything about your life, your family, your world around you can change in an instant. Your government could decide that your genes mean you need to die. A foreign country could invade your nation and kill and rape your entire family like colonists did to native Americans (and vice versa to be fair). Zombies could rise up eat your dog in front of your kids.
I don’t know what to tell you to do with this information. This is what happens when I am forced to talk for more than one sentence in my own words.