The else they brought along with them with

The miner’s salary depleted in the
beginning of the film after realizing the tonnage value had lowered.  The company owner’s intentions appeared to
accelerate income while trying to encourage the miners to continue working but
this obviously backfired.  The miners ordered
a strike against the company in order to fight off the mistreatment and
unlawful acts.  In order for the workers
to hold a powerful stance in a fight they initiated a union.  However, Joe Kenehan, the labor organizer,
was demoralized because of a spy in the union making false accusations about
him.  The union began to form a separation
because of their weakness that began to form due to no loyalty.  In order for the union to progress successfully
they needed to fight back and hold a powerful stance in the fight.  But this was not the case, once the union realized
that it was starting to diminish the miners took matters into their own hands
and fought the company alone.  With
inadequate knowledge of appropriate battle methods, the miners decided to face
the Baldwin Felts Detectives and everyone else they brought along with them
with nothing but their bravery, determination, and hunger for liberty.  The battle ended with many deaths on both
sides of the fight and no loss in power from the coal company.  Being that the company lost only a few
miners, this illustrates the fact that the company does in actuality have
ownership of the miners lives.  All the
hard work and financial income that was provided by the workers were still only
in the company’s advantage, leaving the company with the utmost authority in
the town of Matewan.