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The Theory Behind Chemical Trails    The stripes of clouds often seen coming off of aircrafts are labeled contrails, shortened for condensation trails. These are lines of condensed water vapor created in the air by airplanes, jets, and rockets. While these simple condensation trails are not harmful by any means to the human body, online theorists have come to a conclusion that these trails left behind planes now seem different from before, which are thicker and lasts longer in the air compared to contrails from several years ago. This speculation has stirred up the ideology of chemtrails.Chemtrails, short for chemical trails are described to contain biological, chemical or toxic gases sprayed into the sky for purposes unknown, but well operated by the government agencies according to online speculations. For example, according to, chemtrails are used to conduct a variety jobs, “Airplanes are spraying a toxic mix of chemicals through contrails, with supposed goals ranging from weather to mind control”. Conspiracy theorists believe that chemical trails are used for many different reasons, such as weather modification, controlling global warming or even mass mind control of the citizens by the inhalation of the toxic gas which is sprayed. Even though the thought that some of the condensation trails left behind jets and airplanes are actually toxic chemtrails, a small but vocal percentage of Americans seem to support the concept.The idea of chemical trails may be insane and idiotic to some people, but a somewhat of a high amount of people actually believe this is a true phenomenon. For example, according to Daily Mail Online, a survey conducted by Harvard scientists from the 2016 Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES) proves that the existence of chemical trails seem to be real in some people’s minds, “10 percent of Americans believe the chemtrails conspiracy theory is ‘completely true,’ with 20 to 30 percent believing it’s ‘somewhat true,’ a startling new study has found”. The survey conducted with 1,000 American citizens displayed that roughly around 120 million people in the United States somewhat believe chemical trails full of toxic elements are being sprayed in the sky, which to put in perspective, is still quite an extensive amount. Although online theorists and citizens believe chemtrails are real, scientists think otherwise.Even though quite a number of people assume chemtrails are legitimately real, professional atmospheric scientists have been denying this thought for ages, but without making too much progress. Only until a team of researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science hoped to silence the rumors themselves. The group conducted a survey, questioning the world’s leading atmospheric scientists if the existence of a secret spraying program was indeed real. According to the survey, most if not all of the scientists questioned claimed that no evidence was shown to indicate a secret spraying service in works, “The survey results show that 76 of the 77 participating scientists said they had not encountered evidence of a secret spraying program, and agree that the alleged evidence cited by the individuals who believe that atmospheric spraying is occurring could be explained through other factors, such as typical airplane contrail formation and poor data sampling”(“chemtrails’ not real”).  The majority of the scientists confronted declared that the evidence theorists used were invalid, as the occurrence could be explained by many different factors including the change from old to modern technology, to simply misleading data sampled. Therefore according to the survey, scientists believe chemtrails are just false and misleading information that cannot be proven. Overall, the theory that chemical trails containing toxic elements are being sprayed into the atmosphere by government agencies to control the weather or minds of the people seems to be true to a small but vocal group of people. But atmospheric scientists disagree with this statement. Without concrete evidence to back up the ideology of chemtrails, this statement can only stay as a theory until future science can prove whether or not this is, in fact, a real phenomenon. Otherwise, the mysteries behind chemical trails are to remain unsolved and a myth in the modern world.