Dear with you the facts of our life.

Dear friend from 2012, today, living in 2062 year, I want to share with you the facts of our life. 50 years ago the civilization had a number of ideas, hopes and believes which nowadays became our reality and cloning is one of them. Today, we are able not only to grow human tissues and organs, but the real human beings. Thousands of cloning people live among us. No, we don’t have the whole teams of Jordans, but if someone would want to make it true, it would be absolutely possible.

Although the benefits of cloning are obvious, there is no consensus or common opinion in the society. Cloning helped many people to recover. Hundreds of parents are able to grow the replica of their child who died due to the diseases. If someone ask those parents what they think about cloning, it is so easy to predict their answer: cloning is positive, it is the next level of development of our civilization. In 2062, the scientists successfully use the cell nuclear replacement, removing DNA from one person or embryo to another.

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Today, when we talk about cloning, we don’t remember the example of the sheep Dolly, there is more bright and outstanding example – the first human child, a boy who was created by doctors with use of DNA of a boy who died in the result of accident. This boy was staying in coma for about 5 months and there was no hope to bring him back to life. The doctors offered the parents to use the boy’s DNA in a brand-new and untested before experiment.

All information was absolutely confidential until the world was blown up by the phenomenal news: the experiment of cloning of a human being from the DNA of another boy was successful. I think you can imagine the consequences of that news. Today this cloned boy is 14-years old guy who has the normal life. He lives with parents, goes to school, plays sports and so on. However, it is still unclear if he is able to procreate. The scientists need more time to investigate this aspect.

Well, this issue is the most sharp. One of the concerns of those who are against cloning is that it is inhuman to collect, store and freeze the surplus embryos in order to use them later. Moreover, people argue is it possible to consider the cloned people as the normal human beings? Do they have a soul? And especially such question is important for the religious people.

Christian and Muslims claim for necessity to ban the human cloning. But how actually the soul can be identified or detected? How can we be sure that the cloned people do not have the souls? This is a philosophical and sophistical question. On the other hand, we can notice that the human organs grown in the laboratories already helped millions of people.

The level of mortality reduces. Disabled people now can live more and to have a full life. My grandfather is still alive, although the liver that had been transplanted to his body is made from the stem cells. 50 years ago, people who were born with the genetic problems did not have any chances to recover. Today, it is the smallest problem that may occur. The doctors can cure it immediately, using the stem cells of a healthy organ. Our civilization forgot about a number of diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, etc.

The government provided the special laws in order to control cloning. Today, the use of the stem cells for medical purposes is legal and valid. However, it is difficult to satisfy all people, and especially the religious ones.

Due to the complicated ethical background, the United Nations created the commission which controls the process of cloning in the different countries. There is a common fear in the society that cloning may be used as new weapon. Who knows how far this may lead? I can tell you that 50 years after your time we still don’t know how to consider this problem.

Perhaps, it is a beginning of the new race of people with the special abilities. However, on the other hand, today, it is impossible to state that the cloned people have some differences. Surely, no one blames them or treat as a defective person or the one who is not possessing full rights. The cloned people are equal ad have the same rights as well as the same needs as other citizens.

Therefore, my friend from 2012, you can see that that process of cloning is still a cause of the sharp discussions. Although we got the success in the human cloning and the use of the stem cells for medical purpose is an absolutely normal today, people still argue about its moral aspect. But for parents who are able to grow the reply of their lost children and people with disabilities who get the chance to have a full life, cloning is absolutely normal and positive process. Moreover, it is a new step of the development of our civilization.