The connect through social platforms such as

concept of global space continues to advance as the aspects that contribute to
space and time compression change. Certain aspects are significant as they are
responsible for connecting individuals to the rest of the world. The most
crucial aspect of this case is the religion. Throughout time and socialization,
Christianity has connected the community to the rest of the world since we hold
similar beliefs guided by norms and morals as stipulated in the Bible. The
beliefs and norms are widespread and are used as a basis for behavior
regulation. It is a culture within the community that individuals have
practiced throughout time which we acquire through socialization. The beliefs
are similar to the world which makes it seem as though people are co-existing in
time and space. Secondly, the internet plays a pivotal role in compressing
global space. For instance, through advances in technology, the internet allows
people to connect through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and
Skype. Individuals can connect easily and fast by a click of a button. In
addition, one becomes privy to information that would have otherwise been
difficult to learn from across the world. The Internet allows people to fight
for human rights or have a united voice in particular topics such as racism,
gender pay gap discrimination, and other sensitive matters. The Internet has
developed due to advances in technology. The third aspect touches on easy and
fast transportation. In this regard, air transport or the use of airplanes has
made people from my community to travel to other regions in the world to
experience other cultures. Aeroplanes also allow tourists to come to my
community or school. An example is the student exchange program where people
can adopt different cultures and feel like one large, diverse, and
multicultural community. 

Massey introduces power geometry in an attempt to point out the manner
in which mobility and spatiality are modeled and how they reproduce power
differentials in the communities all over the world. Such aspects might include
the control over how goods are distributed, or the different circuits made
possible by transportation systems1. Time-space compression is
a term used to refer to how time and space between different societies
continues to shrink as communities continue to be affected by the activities of
a particular society. Globalization has affected politics, the environment, as
well as the social life of different people across the world. Scholars argue
that aspects that bring people together have to be examined to ensure that they
do not affect them negatively. Time and space compression can introduce
negative aspects of market crashes, recessions, food shortages, or loss of
certain cultures, among other things. For instance, the housing market bubble
in the U.S. greatly affected many other  people in the world. The sharp fall in house prices led to an expected
downturn in household wealth which led to lower consumer spending1. The same effects caused
by the recession were replicated across the world, for example in New Delhi,
Ireland, and Spain. However, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages as people
are opened up to a new world of quick learning, cultural assimilation, and
connectedness. It shows that real connectedness can be achieved through
time-space compression even though there are negative consequences. People can
now travel more, learn other cultures, and assimilate well in different
communities all because of the global interconnectedness caused by
globalization. Advances in technology allow nations to trade better, therefore,
improving economies all over the world. Power now flows through information and
codes that connect corporations and states to others in the world.

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Regardless of the new understanding that Massey brings forth in regards
to housing and home, my idea or notion of home has not changed. I believe that
home is where one feels comfortable to become who he or she is without the fear
of being judged. In this case, my community plays a key role in molding me to
become a better person while assisting in the journey to achieve my life
aspirations. Therefore, I belong to the community where I live and socialize
with like-minded individuals with whom we share beliefs as guided by religion
and social norms. However, I feel like I can fit well into a different
community away from home, but only those that share cultures and beliefs with
mine. It is interesting to learn that people can be worlds apart but still act
the same way due to the rules and regulations that allow them to possess similar
behavior. The housing situation as expressed by Massey shows that the actual
space being talked about is not the frames or constructions that enclose
people, rather, it is where one feels comfortable to express his or her ideas.

The main aspect I dislike about housing is that it does not represent the
culture or beliefs that I hold close to my heart. There are certain
restrictions due to regulations as well as weather patterns that determine the
kind of housing in which individuals reside. Besides, I feel that housing
should be done according to cultures or commonly shared aspects rather than
basing it on rules and regulations. If I were to change the current housing
situation, I would suggest that individuals should be free to occupy whatever
space that makes them happy. People should be allowed to express their culture
through their housing.