The you want to achieve in your

construction of a speech is very important, and there are several things you
need to do before making a speech. You can’t just get up in front of people and
make it without preparation. The very first step you will want to do is
determine your topic, which is what your speech is about. I always think about
what I could speak about for the different topic ideas I have, and then choose
which one has the most potential that I feel I could do a good job on. Without
a topic, you wouldn’t know what to speak about. Next you will want to make your
purpose statement, which is narrowing down your topic into what you want to
achieve in your speech. The purpose statement is very helpful when you go to
start outlining your speech as it helps you to choose things that are relevant
to your speech. I find this statement helpful as it narrows down my topic
possibilities from an ocean to a pond of things to speak about. After this you
will write the thesis statement. This statement briefly mentions the main
points you will make in your speech in one or two sentences. I like to briefly
state my main points in my thesis, and then end with a question that pulls the
audience in as they have to think about it. When you finish these first three
steps, you are done with your introduction and can move on to the main part of
your speech. This is where you make your main points called the body. Here you
will choose an organizational style which is great to help you figure out how
to organize your main points. When transitioning between points, you can always
use transitional statements to help your speech flow better. At this point, I
like to sigh in relief as I have finished my introduction and body outline, and
all that remains is the conclusion which briefly sums up what the whole speech
was about. When creating my speeches, I always like to make a speech outline,
which has all of the information written above included. Outlines help me to
easily see what I have covered and what still needs to be covered. You can give
a speech without having all of the above things planned out, but will it be a
good speech that will flow well and be worth listening to? Hopefully, if you
follow all of the steps it will be, and the audience will be glad they heard