The any kind of website or any kind

The Digital Security Act 2018 will be used to deal with
defamation, hurting religious sentiments, causing deterioration of law and
order, & instigation against any person or organization through publishing
or transmitting any material on a website or in electronic form It Stipulates
up to 14 years of jail or a fine up to Tklcr or both for spreading negative propaganda
against the Liberation War 1971 or the Father Of the Nation by means of Any
kinds digital devices

If a person enters any website illegally, he/she will face
Seven years of imprisonmentor tk 25 lakh fine or both. Any harm to someone will
send the offender to jail for 14 years or fined Tk or both Illegally accessing.
Any kinds of device Will lead to one year in or Tk3 lakh fine or both, Aiding
someone illegally Will lead to three years in prison orTk3 lakh fine or both,

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Repealing the Act 54, 55, 56; 57 & 66 of the Act have
been repealed entirely If someone uses digital  device,media to intimidate people or cause
damage to the state, he/she will face imprisonment for 14 years or fine or both.
If someone uses any kind of website or any kind of digital media to intimidate
someone, he/she may face three years in jail or Tk3 lakh fine or both Bailable offenses
Crime under sections 20, 25, 29 & 48 are bailable  

Digital Security Act 2018  ,Section 28

If anyone hurt someone religious sentiments (as defined by
the penal code), he/she will be charged with ten years in jail or Tk20 lakh
fined Or both If a person publishes informations with intent to defame someone
personal ;life, he/she will be charged with three years in jail or Tk5 lakh or
both Non-bailabie offenses crime under sections 17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 32
& 34 are non-bailable  

Digital Security Act 2018  Section 30

Using electronic devices for unauthorized transactions for
bank & insurance will lead to five years in jail or Tk5 lakh fine or both 1

Digital Security Act 2018  Section 31/

For creating anarchy using any kinds of digital media, the law
stipulates Seven years of imprisonment or Tk5 lakh fine or both

Digital Security Act 2018  Section 32:

If a person enters any government, semi-government or
autonomous bodies office iiiegaily, & secretly records any information or
document with electronic instruments, it will be considered an crimes & he/she
will face 14 years of imprisonment or Tk20 lakh fine or both.