The that the United States Constitution is still

Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787. This was a document signed with
the rules to help maintain America. It came after the articles of confederation. At first they only had the
bill of rights, which became the first 10 amendments in 1791. The first amendments
guarantee our basic rights. Right now we have 27 amendments in the United States
(U.S.) Constitution. ( Thanks to the Constitution we have our three
branches of government Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. We also have in play
the check and balances, which keeps all the three branches in check, so that the
government is strong but not trying to run the country. The idea was introduced
by Alexander Hamilton and others help. George Washington was the first to sign
the Constitution. ( believe that the United States Constitution is
still relevant today. We the people have lots of protection for example we have
the amendment one freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition.
(U-S – We also have the amendment four and eight, which are the rights
to search and seizure and the right to no excessive bail or non-cruel

Amendment one protects the right to freedom of
religion. Meaning that in the United States we are allowed to follow any
religion we want excluding Cults. In other countries you have to be only one
religion or else you can be killed. For example we have the Holocaust; Nazi
German killed over 2 million Jews and others just because they did not follow
them. (USHMM.Org) We are lucky that the U.S. is nothing like that and thanks to
the constitution they do not allow it. Church and school need to be separate; you
still have the freedom to attend private religious schools. The government can
help religious schools only for necessary which are tables, chairs, and
utensils but no money can go for bibles or anything religious purpose. (Schmidt,
Shelley, Bardes (2014-2015)p 69) The people are even allowed to have freedom of
non-violent rallies. The US allows different kind of activities to express our
freedom of religion and speech as long as there are not violent. Also when
people was not happy with the president they elected, people turn to rallies to
ensure their voices are heard. Yes the police stay very close and ready just in
case it changes course. If it is peaceful they cannot tell you anything just
watch. Amendment one does give us the freedom of religion and speech and the
state allows it to continue.

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Amendment four is the right to search and
seizure. This is what it is very controversial amendment. From reading multiple
cases from the Supreme Court, the ones being accused always tried to use the
fourth amendment to try to get out of jail time. In the, they stated, that in
order for them to want to search they must provide you with a search warrant,
unless they have a probable class. ( In the case of Illinoise v. Roy L Caballes,
Amendment four was not allowed to be used because the canine on-duty reacted to
illegal substances, so that means that it is a probable cause and Roy got
arrested and charged with the possessions. (Oyez 2004)In Katz v. United States,
Katz was using a public phone that was tapped by the FBI to transfer
information from Los Angeles to Boston in Miami. (Oyez 1967) Katz was caught and
tried to fight it off as it was invading to amendment four but was denied by
saying that amendments four protects people, not places. “(Oyez 1967) Meaning
that if we go to a public place and they want to record, they may be able to
because they are protecting themselves. Actually everywhere we go or call they
will let you know, for example “this call may be recorded for training purposes,”
and we still use it. In Katz case, they heard the conversation which was a
probable cause for the arrest. If a police comes over trying to search your
house without a warrant, you can deny them the entrance.( That is what
people do not know. We do have the rights, we just need to know how to protect
ourselves and use it.

      Amendment eight excessive bail shall not be
required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment
inflicted. ( Even though we have this amendment we do have multiple
states with the death penalty, but depending on the assault is how you get your
punishment. “Since 1976, 285 death row inmates have been granted clemency”,
meaning that they got their death penalty remove.( With the government having the right to give the
death penalty makes a US more secure. Usually if they received that penalty is
because they have done something very bad and by getting them off the street
saves other peoples. We also have life with or without parole and those are for
big offender. If the government was weak like before the articles of
confederation, offenders would just be killing from left to right. They would
just continue doing it because they don’t get in trouble for it .We would be so
scared to walk around. For example, in the Middle East people are not allowed
to be free like us because they fear for their life as they go for food. They
have extra security with big guns just standing anywhere because they do not
know when they will be under attack by their same people. The amendment eight protects
people with minor offenses that from not being killed. In other countries you
cannot say or do certain stuff that their government had said no because they
will kill you instantly. Not even give you a chance to go on trial or anything.

In conclusion, the United States Constitution
is relevant today. The constitution gave us a strong central government has
been followed for years. Yes most people do not believe that all amendments and
clauses are being followed but when they set up the constitution, they left some
room for the state to interpret how they want it. Like that everyone has a say
so in it. Freedom of religion and speech, the right to search and seizure, and
no excessive bail or punishments are always why we are protected. In the long
run yes we are able to be free and do anything we want we want within reason.
We do not worry about dying just for saying the wrong thing. The United States
Constitution has kept this country strong and firm on sharing powers. The
document gave us an outline to follow and obey by. So far it has worked so well.