The should be distributed, taxes and hours

main type of services Paychex offer is Payroll, according to Paychex they have 4 types of payroll packages:
“express payroll, Paychex Flex Select, Paychex Flex Pro, and Paychex Enterprise”.

Payroll handles the hours, the direct despotic the payments for the employees
the tax documentation, 24/7 customer services, the hire documentation, also, Paychex
can assign an expert in payroll for the company in a specific situation.  All of this depends on what packages the
company is enrolled. 

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            Additionally, Paychex provides Human
resource services, Paychex offers an HR training program for those who want to
improve their knowledge in the human resources well as Human resource
consultation to strategy and make success the companies goals for those
companies who do not have HR department or personnel.

for employee benefits, Paychex provide services of health insurances, retirement,
and financial programs in which the companies can choose the program that best
fit their needs.



1.  Based on what
you’ve learned in this chapter and using credible Internet sources, what are
the pros and cons of outsourcing a company’s payroll function?


The pros:

Focus on the business

Many companies use outsourcing payroll to concentrate on business
operations. The need to make companies more effective and competitive requires
a lot of time and effort, for that reason many companies relief in this type of
outsourcing to do for them the payroll jobs.

Decrease responsibilities

The payroll process requires a lot of time and personnel, companies’ use
outsourcing payroll to distribute those responsibilities, such as keeping track
of payments or hours of workers. Outsourcing payroll has the right people for
this type or work.





A company with 5 employees is profitable to use outcrossing payroll
because it is expensive to have 1 person handle the payroll including the
expenses of distribution of checks, and documents such as W2.


The outsourcing payroll is very strict compliance with the regulations
for each company. They can prevent sanctions in companies and avoid fines for
example, how payments should be distributed, taxes and hours allowed



Not control

When companies use outsoaring payroll, sometimes there is no control
over things such ad avoiding payments errors, paying tax payments or exposing
confidential data of the companies.


The confidentiality of the companies is very important and it can happen
that the payroll, social security can be stolen by cyber pirates creating a big
issue for the companies.


According to Surepayroll “the
simple payroll price is between $20 and $100 monthly”. This depends on the
number of employees and the services that are included. for a medium company
hire a person to take care of the payroll is better than hiring these types of




2.  Do you believe
it is better to outsource a company’s payroll functions or perform those
functions internally? Why?

            I think it is good to internally maintain the functions
of payroll because companies can be the target by cyber pirates and steal their
information. Also keeping the payroll internally generates jobs for the new
generations, the more outsource payroll decreases the possibility of jobs for
us the future.

            Moreover, having a
person or a payroll department is effective because it kept internally the
exclusivity to access any document to make last minute changes, payroll
internally is better compare to contact customer services and in some cases
automatic machine

Your answers should reflect your
own thoughts. Do not plagiarize any website. Cite all Internet sources used.