Introduction The organisation I am going to investigate is the Kingsway Hall Hotel in Covent gardens in London. This hotel is an extremely luxurious hotel in the well-established, romantic area of Covent Gardens in London. This spacious 170 bed-roomed hotel is one of the only few remaining privately owned hotels in the area. A classical facade invites guests into a dramatic foyer with glass and warm-textured walls.

“This luxury 170-bedroom, fully air conditioned property is situated in London’s fashionable Covent Garden, adjacent to the New Connaught Rooms, close to the British Museum, Royal Courts of Justice, Oxford Street, Theatreland and with good access to the city. ” From the Kingsway Hall Hotel’s website. The hotel’s luxury accommodations are deliciously furnished to fulfil the needs of the highly respected needs of the wealthy guests. The rooms are of international quality welcoming the business and the leisure type. Meeting rooms and large gathering facilities are available at the grand hotel.

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The guests are provided with a fitness suite for relaxation and a healthy work out. The restaurant and bar has a tasteful mixture of classical decoration and dramatic colour. This 4-star hotel is a very highly respectable hotel but the only drawback would be the prices of the many different things. List of Activities using ICT 1) Booking system 2) Check-in 3) Key systems and lights 4) Yield Management 5) Guest History 6) Restaurant 7) Restaurant bill 8) Minibar 9) Building management 10) Video system (+TVs) 11) Telephone 12) Modem 13) Check-out 14) House-keeping and Maintenance.

15) Toilets The Booking System The booking system is the most essential computer system for any hotel, big or small, expensive or cheap. It must do a number of difficult things which would be extremely difficult by manually. The following tables show what a manual table would be like. Kingsway Hall Hotel Bookings for week beginning … /… /……

Room No Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 001 Adam 001 Adam 001 002 Patel 687 Patel 687 Patel 687 Patel 687 003 004 005 The code name would be on a file card with the customer’s name.