The It is run by my uncle and

The name of the company is Post Office. It is run by my uncle and the nature of his business, is selling household items (i. e. bread, milk) as well as a snack shop (crisps, sweets. ) This business is located on Garrat Lane, Tooting. Description of Current System: This business, currently adopts a manual system, for all major jobs, associated with running a newsagent/post office. This business is like a normal newsagent, except a post office is in work too. There are many electronic machines in his establishment, which do menial tasks, such as phone topping up (on pay as you go).

The main system in place now, is very complex:  It is a manual, no computers involved.  All transactions, recorded in a till.  Stock levels, recorded by hand.  CCTV in place, for security. All stock purchase receipts, from wholesalers, filed away in order. All employees paid by how many hours, recorded by employer.  Orders, ordered by written letters. Problems with Current System: The current system, due to the fact that it is all manually operated, has many, many problems, with various, serious problems.

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(i. e. Security) System all manual, therefore slow and in-efficient. Completely insecure, especially from credit card fraud. * Letters, for orders, sent by post, which will take time, order may not come for a long time and you will not know until you get the letter. * Credit card fraud may occur at any time, due to the insecurity of the receipts or order forms. This will hamper the business in a big way. * Due to stock being checked by hand, not all items may be in stock, and you will not know.

All documents kept in one place, which means less security, due to the fact that if one thief got through one safe, he would get all the assets and numbers, which run the business. Not sure where a particular brand of i. e. biscuit, is.  When re-ordering a certain product, and you are asked for your i. e. order number, you will have to look for it through your safe/folders. This is extremely slow and cost in-efficient. If importing, orders may take weeks and/or months to be processed and delivered. This, again, is slow and cost in-efficient.

Even though all transactions are recorded in till, the manager still has to go through all the purchase receipts, so he can look at which products sold well. This means he will waste time, and, he may miss products which people liked, and he will lose that particular customer(s). He will then, loose out on a possible profit gain. Since all transactions and orders are manually recorded, backup copies of them will have to be made, and this is cost in-efficient and time wasting. * Keeping the manual system running, will cost a lot and is not time efficient.

Conclusion: I chose this particular business, as my uncle always went on about how he was going to modernise his shop, so I decide to enlighten him with some of the ideas I have put forward here. He learnt a lot about databases and what types of program he could use, in the future, to modernise his business. I learnt business management skills as well as organisational skills. This may help me I the future as I hope to become a doctor/gp and this would help me organise my surgery. z Description of Problem Jawad Fariduddin 10SW Data Handling Project.