The study it talked about a 27-year-old grad

The case study I chose was “Looking to expand by fearing it
too” By Adriana
Gardella.  In this case study
it talked about a 27-year-old grad student Ms. Mayzler, who started her own company
seven years ago in her New York University residence room. She originally
wanted to focus on just tutoring for the Regents exams for the state of New
York, which she had past experience in as a student in a New York City public
school. Mayzler, was a psychology major who
only took one course per semester toward her graduate degree. She did so in
order to develop a curriculum for her tutoring business “Thinking Caps”. This
helped her have a better understanding of the behavioral and mental development
issues that affects how teenagers learn. “For example, she knows her students
will use the study aid SparkNotes
regardless of what she says.” Gardella, A. Mayzler shows her
students they can still use such and aid but also read the original material to
better understand.

To help her run her tutoring business to it full
potential, she meets with each family to carefully match her student with
tutors who are paid hourly with similar experiences, interest, perspective and background. “Thinking
Caps charges $110 an hour for one-on-one tutoring, which is less than test-prep
giants like Kaplan and Princeton Review who
charge $125 to $350 per hour. New York branch of Sylvan recently quoted hourly
rates of $68 to $85 their models emphasize working with students at Sylvan
offices, with student-to-tutor ratios of three to one” Gardella, A.  Thinking Cap still beats all three companies
with the best price at a one to one ration with there student clients. Ms. Mayzler wants Cap to grow, but with all business
growth it requires a lot of giving and taking.

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Ms. Mayzler has partnered up with Adams Media in co
writing a book called “Tutor in a Book” which will be published in July with
hope to bring more business as well.