Introduction is evident that the many themes


There are various platforms that are created by art for the various artists to give their view. One of such platforms is the novel writing. Like in many other artistic products, the themes, styles and topics in different novels are comparable. This is due to common forces that push ands inspire the author into production of the various works. An ideal example is the comparison between The March to the Monteria and The Factory ship. This paper is a brief analysis of the various common themes and styles that these two novels have.

Worker based

The basic common agenda that is possessed by these two novels is the use of the worker as the base of argument. The two authors have chosen their characters well with the main characters being persons in the employment industry being either the employers or the employees.

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However, the plight of the worker is more dealt with the daily pains that he has to endure being brought out. The march to the Monteria has chosen characters from the plantations. The daily ups and downs that the workers in plantations go through are brought out. On the other hand, The Factory ship has got its characters being chosen from the marine workers. The author explains the life of a marine worker with the challenges that he endures.

The worker’s plight

A man has to go through many struggles in an effort to make ends meet. This is the point that is being delivered through Celso the main character in the march to the Monteria. The hardworking character hardly gets to enjoy the fruit of his labor. First his tenure savings in one plantation goes without his enjoyment as he gives it to his father’s creditor.

He does not give up but rather moves to yet another contract where malicious claims are laid against him so as to bind him in the working environment. He is bailed out yet he is entitled to lifetime labor to cleat out the debt. All these are things that are beyond the control of Celso.

On the other hand, the life of the marine workers in The Factory ship is a tragic. The maneuvers of the merchants and the vessel owners leave the marine workers with les to do to lift themselves out of the harsh conditions.


The other common item in these two novels is the styles that the authors have used. Both the authors have carefully chosen the words that are used in the novels to include the terminology that is common in the fields that the novels are based in. the march to the monteria has a lot of jargon that is common in agriculture while and The Factory ship has words that are specifically meant for the marine life.

Also the sequence of activities is in order. This is against the tradition that many authors take of presenting recent information before the historical information. While the march to the Monteria was written in English, The Factory ship English copy is a translation.


The two books have a lot of item that are common and others that are different. However, it is evident that the many themes that are presented in the novel have a lot of common agenda that make them comparable. To be precise, the plight of workers is clearly brought out in both the novels.