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The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) was created specially to accomplish the objective of promoting gender equality and rights for women. CSW was established on June 21st, 1946. Its headquarters are in New York. The committee focuses on promoting awareness on the issues that women face nowadays. CSW also helps to protect women’s rights when marriage is involved, equal pay, and it assists women in developing countries. CSW has been focusing on promoting women’s rights and making global standards on gender equality for women. Currently CSW has been discussing the following topics: Examine the changing world of work and its challenges and opportunities for fostering greater economic empowerment and independence for women and girls, Identify policies and programmes that promote women’s economic empowerment, Women’s right to work and rights at work along the way from informal to formal work, Violence at work, Rights to form, join, and mobilize through trained unions, Enabling macroeconomic environment for employment creation and access to decent work for all, and Global gender gaps in work and employment. The purpose of CSW is to create a better community for women to be living in. The current leader on CSW is the chair of ECOSOC and it is made up of 13 members (UN Women, 2016).II. Topic information A) History of Topic (5-6P) Women and girls are impacted by religious extremism differently than men and boys. They are often the first ones to be attacked violently. However, women and girls also have a necessary role preventing the religious extremism from spreading. Religious extremism is the main cause of terrorism. Women in countering religious extremism need our support. Religious extremism is the act of killing or hurting people of different beliefs than yours (Huffington Post, 2017). Women’s roles in countering religious extremism are getting the worldwide attention but the rational international structure is still needed. Women themselves are one of the most powerful voices of prevention in their homes schools and even communities (US Institute of Peace, 2016).Religious extremism has been one of the main causes of terrorism in the past few years. Because lately women have been very dominant in families, communities, and even the government, their participation in countering religious extremism can make a positive change (Security Council, 2017). Terrorist organizations have been engaging women for decades. The reason for women participating in terrorist groups are the same reasons as those that always attract men, such as commitment to religious beliefs, and the pain of the death of a loved one. Many times women join terrorist groups to stop the feeling of being victimized. Studies prove that women are often the first ones to stand up to terrorism. Since they frequently the first targets of terrorist attacks compared to men, they will be more willing to prevent it. The most traditional role for women to create a non-violent environment by teaching her kids what is right and what is wrong. Women can be joining security agencies and working on law enforcement themselves since they are better at building trust with the community (GSDRC, 2016). Religious extremism has been an issue since 1970, yet the issue started spreading and getting worse since 2001, which created various terrorist attacks around the world. Since then, religious extremism has impacted the world and it has generated many other effects such as suicide attacks which caused about 8,000 deaths in the past 13 years. Just about 5% of the terrorist’s attacks occur in the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) countries. Since then the UK has had the largest number of terrorist attacks. A report recorded about 18,000 deaths in 2013, there has been a rise of 60% in the previous years.  More than 80% of the deaths in 2013 occurred in just five countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria (Evelyn, The Guardian, 2014). Religious extremism has been affecting many people and that has caused plenty of attacks that sooner created wars.The main cause here is that people are followers. They believe in only one religion and stick to it. Oftenly they think that other people’s religions are wrong, and that can cause many religious problems such as religious extremism. But why are women involved in religious extremism? Women are mostly involved in religious extremism because they are easy targets. Men feel more powerful when it comes to being women, that’s what makes them an easy target. Men make women feel intimidated. Women are involved in many different ways, some have their jobs as wives and mothers to the next generation of extremists, but others have jobs as suicide bombers (BluePrint, 2016).There is a growing awareness of how women and girls suffer from this, but there is less awareness in understanding the role women may play in countering or preventing religious extremism (East Asia Forum, 2016).  Women are not always the common good persons, sometimes women are essential parts of the extremist groups. Researchers say that approximately 20 to 30 percent of the extremist’s groups are formed by women (BluePrint, 2016). Women were participants in terrorist activities long before this problem came to be known by all the world (GSDRC, 2016).