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The major problems of cosmetics products are the use of animal testing, chemical industry, environmental damage caused by cosmetics finished products, cosmetics packaging, safety issues of cosmetic ingredients. Since our company will not conduct animal testing, and the product has no chemical toxicity with all natural ingredients based. Thus we design the producer responsibility scheme with the focus on consideration of cosmetics packaging.Packaging is the focus area where the company can reduce the environmental footprint of the product, because of the high environmental impact of packaging. Packaging can be linked to the death of marine life with the use of plastics packaging. Also plastics are not biodegradable in landfills, which creates pollution and crowds the landfill. In such case, our producer responsibility scheme aims to reduce the packaging impact of our product by sustainable packaging. This can be achieved by recycling product containers and using recycled content as part of the packaging. A cosmetics product consists of primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging. Primary packaging is the container of the product which is the face lotion. Secondary packaging is the container of the primary packaging. Tertiary packaging is the material used for storage and shipping 40. We cannot eliminate packaging, and simple packaging can do the job. Reduction on the packaging is important, and packaging design is the starting point, which can increase the value of our brand while reducing the footprint. The printing of information product can apply no the container directly, instead of using paper and sticker. Post-consumer recycled plastic will be used as our primary packaging materials. Bioplastics can be the choice of packaging material with its biodegradable and compostable properties. But it has high water permeability and heat sensitivity which prevent it from direct contact with the lotion. And PCR plastics is cost competitive, available and it has a lower carbon footprint of manufacturing 41. Moreover, PCR plastics let waste become useful. Materials can be reused endlessly, and the recycling loop is closed that this ensures chemicals cannot be destructive and harmful to the environment.Recycling of packaging materials is the first we can, and we should do. A product container recycling system should be developed. Customers are encouraged to give us back the product container, and a 25ml sample will be given in return of three empty product containers. The recycled container can then become PCR plastics.Reusable packaging is another strategy to minimise the plastics waste. The container can be refilled. Customers can buy the refill package or direct refill lotion from the shop, but the direct filling is only available when Factural own brand store has opened.Sustainability can add value to our brand. With all the strategies listed above, our company can take the responsibility as a producer and put the effort in environmental protection.?