The CPI(M)
won’t be a part of any electoral alliance including the Congress, however it
will continue to be associated with JD(U) rebel Sharad Yadav’s ‘save composite
culture’ campaign, joined by opposition parties including the Congress, the
Left party announced. CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury said that
“protecting the composite culture movement”, is not to be confused with the “mahagathbandhan”
as it has got nothing to do with the electoral alliance with the Congress even later
in the future.

It seems
unrealistic to see all the secular Opposition parties coming together ahead of
the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, especially after the experience of the failed
Mahagatbandhan in Bihar. What may possibly be seen is cooperation in taking up
specific issues inside and outside Parliament with secular Opposition parties.
After all both Prakash Karat and Sitaram Yechury both concur that the essential
target is to overcome the BJP. There is no dissimilarity of perspectives on the
2015 line either.

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The CPI(M)
initiative is partitioned over the party’s “political line” for the
2019 Lok Sabha polls dealing with the “rightist BJP” from one
viewpoint while surrendering no ground to conventional opponents, the Congress.

In Bengal,
the circumstance is more serious. The state administration is quick to have a
comprehension with the Congress to go up against the Trinamool Congress. Karat,
then again, trusts the CPM can’t be a piece of a union with the Congress.

However, Yechury
presented before the party Politburo, a key decision-making body of the Left
party, a fresh draft of the political resolution which will not explicitly
argue for cooperation with the Congress to realise the party’s objective of
defeating the BJP and the RSS.

Sources said
the draft would merely say the party will “without entering into any alliance
or front” with “bourgeois parties”, which would include the Congress, work out
appropriate electoral tactics to ensure the defeat of the BJP and the RSS. But
the question of how such electoral tactics can be arrived at is left open.

additionally confounds the plot is that today the central administration stays
with Kerala as opposed to the Bengal unit to run the party’s day to day issues.
Starting at now, the CPI(M)’s political line is by all accounts to avoid the
Congress at all costs.