The why you are making that request and

The market
survives on effective persuasion. Whether you are a salesman or a fresher
looking for new job opportunities or even an advertising agency, impression is
a primary quality you need. To sell something to the customers, you need to be
convincing and cogent. Email persuasion is one such aspect of growth for a
brand. A persuasive email depends upon various aspects that involve what you
want to say, and when you want to say it. Here are some tips to be persuasive
enough when it comes to sending out influential emails:

(1)   Sending an email any day of the week
may not fetch strong results as such. For example, Mondays are most likely not
great days, and most people don’t open their emails until Tuesdays (we are
strictly talking about the corporate world population only). So if you wish to
inform anything to a client, don’t do it on a Monday. Once you have sent your
complete details on a Tuesday, you give them enough time to revert back by the
end of the week, say by Thursday or Friday. Because no one has the time and
energy to respond or agree to a decision on the very same day.

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(2)   People tend to notice emails that
arrive around their lunch hours or breaks.

(3)   Make sure your language is formal,
yet simple. Persuasion is easier when the clients are able to relate to you.

(4)   Remember, when you are requesting
something for something, you need to explain to them why you are making that
request and how agreeing to that request can be beneficial for them also.

(5)   You can give certain examples of
previous clients to make the situation more relatable.

(6)   “Make an offer they cannot refuse.”
You should be able to carve your words in such a manner that they are mind
blown by your request. But, then again, avoid any lengthy, long explanations of
the same. Just enough to keep them hooked in.

The key to effective
persuasion is through consistency and perfectly spoken words. The whole
industry works on this culture of verbal manipulation to generate interest. The
only way to get people to do what you want them to do is through persuasion. We’ve
all watched ‘Perfume’, a criminal persuades everyone to free him just because
he releases a fragrance that blows their minds.
It is all about the convincing power that businesses have survives in this
industry somehow.