The national security and public safety priorities

The CBSA has been apart since December 2003 and has been important part of the Public Safety Portfolio, it was created to protect Canadians and keep a peaceful and safe society. The President of the CBSA reports straight to the Minister of Public Safety Canada and controls and manages all matters relating to the Agency. The CBSA is accountable for requiring integrated border services that support national security and public safety priorities and facilitate the free flow of persons and goods, including animals and plants that meet all requirements under the program legislation. The mission of the Canada border services agency is to ensure Canada’s security works and that access of people and goods to and from Canada are managed in a prosperity form. The vision is an integrated border agency that is recognized for their brilliance service in guaranteeing Canada’s security and prosperity.

Their values are that matters the most and they keep in mind that there is Integrity, Respect and Professionalism. The way they bring out there respect is by serving the public interest through non- partisan that supports their minister. Showing greatest appreciation for the dignity, diversity and worth of all people and uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Has developed and sustain mutual trust with their colleagues. That was they show Integrity is by exercise our authority in an honest, open and fair manner.

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They accept responsibility for their activities in order to build and continue a reputation of trustworthiness and accountability. The last one is Professionalism they employ public resources wisely and properly. Also provide well-organized, knowledgeable and brilliant service. They set extreme values of accomplishment and accountability both personally and together.

This thought extends to using social media for administration, investigation, employment, and services to the public, stakeholder education, educating the Agency’s outline.

Cbsa use judgments guarantee that our own and practiced use of social media does not compromise the Agency’s standing, that is protects information and our working relationship with associates, investors and clients.  When comes expressing in social media they are in mind of their duties of loyalty and a non-partisan. They accept that only legal speakers that can issue reports or statements about CBSA’s point on a given issue. For example, “we take into consideration the Agency’s reputation, including its internal and external working relationships”. It is the course of their duties and the likely dangers to the protection of individuals and co-workers known in social media

The process to become a cbsa takes between six to nine months to complete in the first stage. Then the Officer Induction Training Program, it’s a program that takes four weeks of online training. Its 18 weeks of in-residence training at the CBSA College. Then being on the job progress program takes between 12 and 18 months to complete. When all phases are completed, you then become a border services officer.  The process can take up to three years to complete. The agency regularly appeals suitable candidates multiple times per year.

Cbsa are the main face of the country’s when visitors and goods arrive in the country and also when residents return to their homes. They are responsible to protect the security, safety, and health of they country. Also the best part of the job is that you have variety of opportunities and responsibilities mean that it’s never the same day twice. Some of their duties are to ensure all people and goods entering Canada are acceptable under the laws, fight against human trafficking and international terrorism, Protecting against the flow of narcotics, firearms, child pornography, and other illegal and prohibited goods and substances. Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) deals with different careers and exciting chances to work with state-of-the-art technology in forceful and challenging environments.