In employee’s point of view. These are

In this section, we will look at the analysis of the last section, the questionnaire and the interview. We will look at the reaction and the opinions expressed in the interview and results from the questionnaire. Also, we will begin to analyse the situation, and come up with a solution, a computerised one, which will mean the business has a much better link with their partners, via the internet, and added security. First, let’s begin with the interview. This is when I interviewed the manager of the newsagents, Mohsin Shahabuddin, who also happens to be my uncle.

In the interview, he did attempt to defend his manual system at the start, and gave some valid reasons and he did back them up. I did agree with the two points he mentioned. He also pointed out a flaw in the computer system, underlining the fact that some members of staff would need computer training. In the next question, Mohsin seemed to understand the need to adapt to the 21st century, and he began to realise, how a computer system would affect his system, and he began seeing the good ideas out of it.

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The turning point of the interview was when I asked him about a security problem. After this, he seemed really enthusiastic about the system, mainly because of the added security, that comes with it. The questionnaire was a mixed bag. I included many people, who wanted to change, and were positive about a change, but some where positive, but did not want to go undergo training, and one did not want to change at all. This showed an overall positive move, from the employee’s point of view.

These are the two main problems, which hamper the system, and make it the job of an employee, even harder than it already is. They need a system, which is secure, and quick. A computerised system, is the best way, it provides varying levels of security, and is the quickest method of communication on this planet (e-mail). As is mentioned in the last section, the employees are based around a rota system. This is very complicated, due to the fact if someone is ill or away, then the system has gone horribly wrong.