The For Secret Recipe, they set the target

market segmentation of the Secret Recipe had separate into 3 main market
segment that is geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, and
psychographic segmentation. The meaning of market segmentation is to let a
bigger market divide into a distinct group of the customers according to their
needs. By using this way, the organization can comprehend about the needs or
behaviours of the different groups of customers that they are targeting.

Geographic segmentation

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market segment of geographic segmentation is based on the countries and the
regions. Secret Recipe had many branches in other countries but not only in
Malaysia. Therefore, Secret Recipe attracted much variety of international
customers. In different countries, there must be many races especially in
Malaysia. Secret Recipe was release the menu of the desserts that have
different type of taste. Therefore, the customers that come from other
countries can tries other taste of the desserts in other countries. Customers
will not be tired and they also will have the interest to go to other countries
to taste Secret Recipe’s desserts or foods, they will not only see and eat the
same desserts or foods when they at the other country. If a café opened in the downtown
densely populated, then it will bring higher profits for that café. Hence
Secret Recipe naturally chosen the densely populated downtown where is Kuala
Lumpur as their geographic segmentation.

Demographic segmentation

the aspect of the demographic segmentation, customers are divided according to
the age and life-cycle segmentation, gender segmentation and the income segmentation
of the customer.  For Secret Recipe, they
set the target of the customers in between age 10 and age 70. This is because
all of this age groups are potentially interested in desserts. Furthermore,
Secret Recipe had released the cakes that suitable for all level of customers. In
the terms of revenue, the revenue of Secret Recipe’s target customer is
middle-high-income or high income workers that who are at RM2000-RM3000 or
above, so even if the customer often spend in Secret Recipe will not cause
too  much financial burden on themselves.
Therefore, the customers will not be pressure to purchase a Secret Recipe’s
cake. For the customer that does not have a higher income that wanted to taste
Secret Recipe’s cake, they can purchase a piece of the cake.


Psychographic segmentation

terms of psychographic segmentation, Secret Recipe is making appropriate
adjustments on the menu of the café according to the modern customers
lifestyles. Modern lifestyle, customers are more accustomed to spending in a
restaurant more than a café. Hence, Secret Recipe was not just introduced the
menu of desserts but also introduced the menu for meals for lunch and dinner.
In this way, customers can enjoy the desserts at the same time can enjoy their
meals. Therefore, the Secret Recipe customers do not need to go for other
places for their meals and then come to the Secret Recipe for having their