The ships. But most of the time long

The threat of entry

The entry and the exit barriers for the airline industry rather
high compare to other of the fact is lot of capital to enter the sector
.earlier days Atlantic airline faced major problem is buying new aircraft for enter
the industry because that time cost of aircraft very high and maintains difficult
also. Airlines cannot leaving the industry when
they choose as the officials often insist that they achieve their promised responsibilities
towards their stakeholders in situation they need to exit the industry. Ones Atlantic
airline enter they faced external environment problem of regulation and maintains.
Atlantic Airlie is a company with strong back ground and reputation in the
industry also shareholder with Singapore airline giving extra advantage in this

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For ever product, companies
or service have a similar substitutes. The main substitutes for the airline industry
are the buses, train and ships. But most of the time long destination travel
passengers are choosing airline industry but some of the passengers using other
substituting depend on their budgets and etc. The main substitution is for the Atlantic
airline not bus or ship its British airways routs and united routes. Because Atlantic
airways have short and long flight facilities for the same destination as well
as united airways also providing same route and facilities for their passengers.
This is the main substitutes challenge for Atlantic airline

Power of suppliers

Virgin Atlantic is one of
the leading airline company because of this reputation they always picking quality
and solid supplier’s. Aircraft manufacture is the prime supplier’s in the
airline industry in this case Atlantic airline main aircraft manufacture are BOEING
& AIRBUS. Fuel suppler also mainly impact because fuel is basic required for
operating the aircraft. Technology also key factor, so in this case last over
the year IBM and NCR make the support for IT solution for Atlantic airline.  Engineering and other maintains service
provide by airport.

The power of Buyers

Buyers are the most
power full force in airline industry. Because there are the market and they directly
impact for the company profit. Modern days Airline market is competitive also
buyers have several choices. Because of that competition Atlantic airways continuously
try to provide quality and attractive service for passenger’s .Atlantic airways
always think about ability to provide cheapest air fare with extra unique
service. Buyers Used to porches there are ticket directly from the Airline
Company, but Atlantic airline increase in the distribution Channels Company everywhere
to retain the competition for the selling air tickets. This empower the airline
to cover the market but on other hand grant bargaining power to the buyers. But
Atlantic airline give n other option to buyers to porches there are ticket by
online its save cost and time for all-round verging buyers


The competition is very stiff at this days. Virgin Atlantic airline has several
different competitor and they offer equal product and service for passengers. But
virgin airlines always try to give deferent style of deal and unforgettable
travel expires for they are of the reputations instance is “because
of this competition Atlantic airline offered first class ticket at business
class prices, inventions included limousine pick up for first class passengers
and seat back video entrainment systems for economy class passengers ” .This
new decision creates an opportunity to win the economic competition .The fundamental
competence of the Atlantic airways is their high technology, cheap ticket and
good schedules