The three categories implementation of the TQM

The self-assessment
results is shown and depicts that Huawei is good in first four categories and
weak in the last three categories implementation of the TQM model.

Huawei is a world leading
ICT solutions provider who have a strong focus on total quality management
since its establishments and made enormous improvement in achieving high
standards of quality in processes, products and services.

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Huawei have a strong
leadership vision for total quality management practices implementation. The
corner side is, this vision has not been effectively communicated as much as
needed and further improvement in communicating this vision to all employees’
especially non-Chinese employees is required.

The long and short term
strategic plans are also aligned with TQM but the implementation of the plans
according to the needs of TQM are not fully realized and needs further improvements.

Huawei valued
benchmarking and following ISO 9000 standards for improvement in processes.
Huawei have good information and knowledge management reservoirs and encourage
employees to learn from one another. Unfortunately all the documents are not in
English language and hence the local employees cannot get as much benefits. The
access management system must be flexible.

Huawei customer focus,
engagement and satisfaction results are much satisfactory. Huawei always put
customer first.

Process management and
results categories of TQM is weak and needs strategies for improvement.

Back to the research


To what extend
Huawei implement TQM practices?

The answer is Huawei self-assessment research study shows
Huawei fall in above average and below good in terms of TQM practices
implementation on a evelen points scale (6.68/10). The RESULTANT SCORE 668.32/1000.


Whether Huawei
qualify for Prime Minister Quality Award Pakistan ( PMQA)?

Based on the concluded score 668.32 out of total1000,
Huawei is not qualified for Prime Minister
Quality Award Pakistan ( PMQA) with 32.68 negative points.


What are the
weakness in implementating the TQM 
practices by Huawei? And What are the improvement suggestion for
implementing TQM practices?

Huawei strengths fall in
the TQM categories Quality leadership, strategic Quality planning and Customer
focus & Satisfaction. The weak points are found in the categories
Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management, process Management and
Results. High concern TQM category is Workforce Focus for which the result is
very weak.

did not realize the needs of employees for total quality management
implementation. The workforce strategies are although based on strict and
management by fear philosophy to force employees to do the right things is not
the requirement of today’s organization strategies and not work well. Huawei
needs to build good engaging and motivating strategies for employees.

The second part of the
question that is improvement for suggestion are mentioned in a Recommendations