The rising action was lacking in preparing

The Mindanao Island is home to 18 ethnic groups in the Philippines. One of these 18 ethnic groups is the T’boli Tribe. The T’boli tribe is known for weaving t’nalak, a cloth that is hand-woven made of abaca fibers. The dreamweavers of the tribe believes that they see the patterns because of their dreams and the goddess of abaca, Fu Dalu.


The director of the movie was Ida Anita del Mundo. A newly founded director and writer by cinemalaya which aims to discover gifted Filipino filmmakers. Currently, he had won 2 awards for his film, K’na. In an interview, Ida said that just a year before the film was made, he was able to live with the T’boli tribe. Thus, he was inspired to make a film about the culture of the specific tribe.

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In my opinion, the pacing of the movie was chaotic. The chaotic pacing resulted to the jump from the plot because the rising action was lacking in preparing for the climax which was also followed by a very quick falling action and resolution. Furthermore, the chaotic pacing made it hard to determine the climax of the story. However, the movie was able to get success on the different aspects of the movie, portraying the rich culture of the T’boli tribe is one of them. The movie did extremely well in portraying the culture by the costumes that were worn by the casts of the movie, executing the traditional dances, and even using the language of the T’boli tribe. Not only the portrayal of culture but also the actors did extremely well in playing their roles. RK Bagatsing who played as Silaw in the movie acted out his role extremely well, I felt his emotions during the movie and was able to connect with it. However, Mara Lopez who played K’na in the movie was not that good because her feelings doesn’t look real at all. Nonetheless, Erlinda Villalobos, who played as Be Lamfey, was the best of them all. Despite her old age, she was able to act out her role as the grandmother of K’na.


In general, the movie was satisfying. The movie both featured  a great love story as well as the culture of the T’boli tribe, a tribe that we do not commonly see in Manila. The movie was able to enact its goal, that is to be able to showcase the rich culture of the T’boli tribe. Lastly, I would strongly recommend this movie to people who love exploring the culture of the different ethnic groups throughout the country because K’na was able to give me an idea on how the T’boli people live despite the absence of technology in their area.