The Even after a single look, Claudio imagines

The story, written in 1598, is about how Claudio, a young, Beautiful, rich man, coming home from the latest field team and meet Hero, a young beautiful, inexperienced, rich girl. Lovely music occurs. It is rusted for weddings, but every paradise has its worm and here is his name Don Juan; a pissed and hateful noble one who likes to make life sick for others. The worm Juan arranges on one well visible place a love meeting between a servant and a servant. Rear view reminds the servant of Hero and with her lustful rocks do not let her be the least innocent. Even after a single look, Claudio imagines that it is his unfaithful fiancee he sees. Without closer investigations, and without even asking the future bride for an explanation, he sets up during the wedding ceremony he makes a cool outcome and calls Hero slink, after which he deeply offended leaving the shocked wedding guests. Where is the innocent Hero lying down, many think she is death.After the young beautiful Hero also suffered severe accusations from his otherwise so loving father, the truth is discovered. Don Juan’s intrigue revealed. But Claudio does not know anything but fails to believe Hero is really dead of fake accusations and love sadness. As a coroner, Claudio is urged by Hero’s father to marry Hero’s cousin instead. A new wedding ceremony will be organized and the embroidered and masked “wedding cousin” will be presented. Through the veil is a beautiful face. What jackpot for the one who just cried for an estuary that died yesterday. The successor will even be rich. Not until Hero pulls off the veil, Claudio discovers that the “original bride” has resurrected from the dead and happiness is perfect.Sure, there is a lot of being for nothing, because all misunderstandings are unfounded. However, given the line of betrayal (Don Juan’s betrayal of Claudio and Hero, Claudio’s betrayal of Hero as he disgusts her, Hero’s father’s mistrust against the daughter), it may seem that the reactions would be significantly stronger.