The the other being the man’s daughter

The GCSE drama classes visited the theater to see a comical play called ‘Departures’ in the Civic Theater, Chelmsford. The play all took place in the airport lobby, it was about different people’s experiences and feelings at the time that they were in the airport lobby. They set stage out to look like what a typical airport lobby would look like. It had two exist from stage on the sides, and one that would go out the back of the stage. In all there were a total of four actors, two females, two males. Some of the characters doubled up on parts.

For example the blonde lady was an assistant, and then someone’s daughter. We could clearly tell they had changed character by their costume, and sometimes the way they used the tone and pitch of their voices. I began to able to understand what kind of characteristics the characters had, for example the shortest man was the same character all the way through, he was a pessimist he was rarely smiling and happy. He also did not like to wait for things, for example when he was told there was a delay flight he would make a fuss and get very irritated with it.

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There were two story’s taking place in the play, one of a man and his marriage relationship, and the other being the man’s daughter finding the beginnings of a new relationship. The man was contemplating on whether or not to have an affair with his new assistant eventually he did and him and his wife a long discussion about where their relationship was heading. The next story was of the man’s daughter, she had met a new man at the airport, and he was a pilot. They seemed to instantly have a reaction toward each other.

The story is left alone for a while, and when it comes back the daughter introduced the pilot to her father, and told them they had plans to be married. I liked it when the man and his assistant were flirting as there use of body movement made it look convincing, the assistant would play with her hair n giggle allot, and the man would continuously look at the assistants body while he spoke to her. In the play the also used the props for effect, for example they would put there rubbish in the bin that was in the corner. They also looked out to the audience as if it was the window to outside the airport.

One of the men was talking about how the weather didn’t look suitable for flying in, and while saying it he’d look out, as if he was looking out of a window at the planes. One of the men often used one-line jokes that would change the mood of the play from sad to happy and visa-versa. He’d often use bad language when he heard bad news, which made it seem more realistic and more humorous. The character of the assistant changed in the play, as she started off as a nice bubbly type assistant and then in one of the final scenes she became very arrogant and nasty when she found was sacked by her boss.

I thought all the characters used there voices well, whenever one seemed to be angry they’d often raise the tone of there voice, when they would defend themselves in an argument the pitch would go up. I liked how the woman playing the holiday rep talked like a stereotypical holiday rep, very high toned and quite fast. One of the men’s characters was set to be a typical bloke. He went around with different women when he had a wife at home. He was very relaxed and calm.

At certain points in the play he would come onto stage talking on his mobile home to his wife, I thought this was good as he would shout at her acting like a typical persona would when there phones breaking up. He’d often start shouting at the phone when he finished talking. They also used sound affects in the play. As the characters walked off to their plane, a sound of a plane would be made. When they were in the lobby they used the sound affects to create that there were being flights called, and the characters would reply to it wondering what the flights actually were.

At the beginning of every new scene they played music of the theme of the supposed lobby location, or example at on point they were in a lobby in Mexico and at the start of the scene the played a Mexican style song. This was good as it indicated when scenes started and finished, and it also helped us understand where this scene was taking place. I quite liked the play and thought it was quite funny, I think if I had to re-create the play myself, I would have chosen to have more than one stage setting. It did get a bit confusing trying to understand on whether they are in the same place as before or another lobby somewhere else in the world.