The corporate donations directly into development projects.

The Planeterra foundation was established by the travel company ‘G-Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip in 2003. Registered under Canada’s not for profit act, Planeterra runs on a yearly contribution from G-Adventures which ensures they can devote both public and corporate donations directly into development projects.

Planeterra make use of the fact there are many travellers already eager to visit Peru and also many local communities in need. The foundation helps create self sustaining businesses in areas of need which have seen continual progression over the last decade.

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The Planeterra foundation sees itself as an ‘enterprise incubator’ which works within communities actively to develop sustainable business projects which can provide income for communities for years to come. The projects rely on certain components of the tourism value chain including meals, accommodation, hand made crafts, transport systems and experiences.
Once a social enterprise is up and running the impacts begin to multiply within the community. “We believe that tourism can be the greatest method of wealth distribution in the world” (2017, Planeterra)
The Ccaccaccollo community live in the Sacred Valley high in the Andes Mountains which means they have limited recourses and employability options. Working closely with this community, G-Adventures and Planeterra have managed to provide valuable training and grants, which are tools which allow the locals to flourish. This has effectively reduced the rate of urban migration which is where the young people in communities are forced to leave their native community in search of a livelihood since their agricultural backgrounds can be very limited. G-Adventures and Planeterra have designed an effective framework for tourism to coincide with locals in Peru, producing a beneficial situation for the community and the travellers who visit.
The fact that younger generations have the option to stay in their communities and build a life there means that they can continue practicing traditions which have been passed down by their ancestors and therefore their culture will be preserved. Tourists who visit the communities will learn about the locals way of life and be educated, raising awareness and tolerance of other