The biggest thing they did was have the

The first meeting of the Continental Congress gathered in Philadelphia in Carpenter’s Hall. Fifty-six delegates from all the colonies (except Georgia), involving very important people like John Adams, Samuel Adams, George Washington, and Patrick Henry, drafted a declaration of wrongs and rights. Peyton Randolph the representative from Virginia was elected the president of the first continental congress. Before the Continental Congress happened, many of the colonists put the issue with the British aside until legislatures enactment of the Tea Act in 1773. The Tea Act was urged by the american colonists, and its main purpose was to  expand the company’s sell on the tea trade to all British Colonies, selling tea at a over priced amount. The tea act eventually led to the Boston Tea Party. After the Boston Tea Party happened the parliament was angered so they simply made the Coercive Act. This act made sure of British military rule (in Massachusetts), demanded colonists to accommodate the British troops, and many more rules.     Following the Coercive Act the colonists ordered the first Continental Congress  to discuss a stand against the British. Compromising the rules for what every representative wanted wasn’t the easiest. Some representatives were well known for their strong debating skills, while all individual colonies were debating for their environments at their own home. As a result of this, at the Continental Congress some tension and debate was present. Each colony/ representative agreed with the fact that the Coercive Act was a awful act, but they all had a different solution to the act. Some colonies wanted a more violent approach, and others did not agree and instead wanted a more gentle approach on the issue. Despite all the disagreements, the colonies all agreed on the right way to deal with the issue and that resulted in the first Continental Congress. An example of what they did is, Massachusetts conducted the stand against the British by creating a military force that is established from the population to withstand the British army. This event was significant because the colonies tried to stop the british from enforcing coercive acts. The biggest thing they did was have the first meeting with delegates from each colony except Georgia. In this meeting they discussed ways they could make the British government work with them. Some of the options included the boycott of British trade and a list of the rights and unfairness to the thirteen colonies. Eventually, the colonies petitioned King George III to stop the coercive acts against the colonies. Also in this meeting they decided that if the petition failed, they would have another meeting to discuss the outcome and other options.          The petition failed and they held a second meeting called the Second Continental Congress which was a spark to the revolutionary war. At this meeting they organized their military for colonies to prepare for the revolutionary war. The colonies also agreed to have each colony train their own army. Eventually, the colonies continued in going to war against Britain to gain independence.          There are many ways the Continental Congress is significant to our lives today. Our country, the United States, wouldn’t be its own country if we didn’t begin with the First Continental Congress and the Revolutionary War. Another impact was the setting up of our government and how it works today. In the past we had meetings before our colonies would create a petition or prepare for the war. Our current government also meets together when creating a new law or preparing for war. Another impact is they created the Constitution and Bill of Rights which still exists today. Having our own trade and being one of the richest countries in the world is an economic advantage we have from the war. Also due to gaining our independence, we have our own rights and freedoms.Many things promoted the Continental Congress to happen, but one major event promoted it the most. The British did many things that did not sit well with the colonies but once the British passed the Coercive Acts, the colonies decided something had to happen. The Continental Congress was made as a result to the colonies being fed up with the british, and deciding something has to change. The representatives from each colony(56 representatives) acted in a confused and mad manner because what the British were doing was completely unfair. During the Continental Congress the cause that was the most significant was the fact that they all agreed on how to tackle the issue including: A Plan of Union of Great Britain and the Colonies, Continental Association, and Declaration of Rights. They also had two main actions the first being to send the king a letter explaining how the british has been treating them, and the second being a plan to meet up again. A ton of things resulted from those causes! The most important one was that the Declaration of Rights included the rights of life, liberty, property, and the right to make their own taxes in their colony. The decisions that all the colonies decided on had a short term and long term effect. The short term effect was that after all their hard work in the 50 days, the act was not lifted so they met again, and the British made another act that only made the colonists more angry. The long term effect was that they finally accomplished something and got recognized during the boycott of the British goods. The Declaration Of IndependenceThe Continental Congress connects to the Declaration of independence for many reasons. The most important reason is the Continental Congress led to the Making of the Declaration of Independence. All of the colonies sent members to the Continental Congress to debate wheat should be done to solve the problem with the British. They all agreed to 2 major actions. The first acton did not work, but the second did and that made Britain even more mad. All the colonies had just had it with being in war with Britain so when the Second Continental Congress came around the colonies agreed to declare their independence from the British. Overall without the Continental Congress, we still could of been in conflict with Britain to this day.