The study regarding the relative importance of

commercial I presented took the position that social support and media is
important to one’s well-being.   Though I
am a supporter of social support throughout the year, the holiday are fast
approaching and can be a stressful time for a lot of people.  Social support improves the ability to cope
with stress (Shattell, M., & Johnson, A., 2017).  Social Humans, crave connection with others
and social support offers health benefits that include living longer, healthier
lives with less risk of mental issues, higher rate of surviving cancer and less
risk of suicide (Kassin, Fein, & Markus, 2017).  Social support and media improves the ability
to cope with stress by buffering the effects of occupational stress, improves
moods, and life satisfaction (Shattell, M., & Johnson, A., 2017). 

 In a study regarding the relative importance
of media use for coping with stress media was used as a stress reliever, an
escape, information seeking, shopping and connecting with others (Nabi, R. L., Pérez Torres, D., &
Prestin, A., 2017). 

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Loneliness is considered a major public health
threat, as approximately 43 million people admin to feeling chronically
lonely.  Loneliness and social isolation
are risk factors for coronary heart disease and stroke.  Through technology one gains access to
friends and family near and far when it may not be possible for a face-to-face
get together (Shattell, M., & Johnson, A., 2017).   Older adults are encouraged to enrich and
grow their social networks to ensure they keep connected as studies show that
the more social contacts people had, the longer they lived (Kassin, Fein, &
Markus, 2017).  If you are unsure of
where to turn,  social media you can gain
access to organizations, therapists, financial analysts, medical physicians and
even places of worship.  It is as
important for you to have social support, as it is for you to reach out and
give social support to others.