The first time I had experienced programming

The first time I had experienced programming was in fifth grade when I learned coding in LOGO, a
language conceived to teach concepts of programming. For me, commanding the turtle (an on-screen
cursor) to draw figures and patterns was no less than magic. It was my teacher, Richa Sharma, who first
noticed this fascination.
She explained to me how this was just the beginning, and if I continued to learn more about computers,
someday, I would be able to build software, compiler, maybe my own operation system, perhaps my own
LOGO. That struck a chord. I continued learning more about programming at school and followed it up
with Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering.
I was introduced to analytics in my third semester and continued reading and understanding various
algorithms related to the subject. Before the parliamentary elections of 2014 in India, I conducted a
research on “Sentimental Analysis through Twitter Feed”. This included gathering twitter feeds with
political keywords such as “NaMo”, “Kejriwal”, “RaGa” and performing text analytics using R. The
analysis was aimed to understand how the image of our now Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, had changed
over the matter of few weeks and how other candidates were quoted in lesser number of tweets. It clearly
signaled his popularity amongst the urban educated and tech savvy voter base. In order to come up with
these findings, I built various scripts, graphs and word clouds over the course of four months and improved
the results using various algorithms like Lexicon based Algorithm and the Naïve Bayes Algorithm.
For my major project, I modeled a smart home system for enhanced security, energy efficiency and
responsive automation purposes. Through Machine Learning, the system allowed for energy efficiency by
controlling all the household electronics. It also detected home intrusion and conveyed the danger to the
owner through e-mail alert. Eigen Faces, Fisher Faces and Local binary patterns histogram algorithms of
CV libraries were used for facial recognition on Raspberry Pi.
While in college I strongly felt that there was a lack of a platform where students with varying interests
could come together to innovate, learn and exchange ideas. I led a team of students, conceptualized and
executed the first technical-festival of the college. From pitching the idea to the Dean (School of Computer
Science and Engineering) and Pro-Vice Chancellor of the college, to taking responsibility and leading the
complete event, I learnt a great deal about bringing an idea to completion. Under my Leadership, Qubit’14,
the first intra-technical event, was organized where students from five schools came together. Over the
years, it has become an annual inter-college event, that draws students and faculty from over 100
As a way to give back to the community, I had the opportunity to work with non-profit organizations
twice. During my summer break of 2012, I assisted Anubhooti society, Jaipur. I helped doctors and other
medical staff to manage and organize an Early Childhood Care Program. The main function of the program
was to offer life-saving medical care to about 200 pregnant women and disadvantaged children under the
age of six in the slums of the city.
My second stint was with Zav Foundation in the summer break of 2014. The foundation had a “Donate
book, receive book” initiative that connected book donors with under privileged readers. I assisted them
in building an all-inclusive, smoothly functioning website using CakePHP framework for the management
of books that they get as a part of their initiative. This website enabled the foundation to reduce time and
effort to connect, collect and carry books from one place to another.
In the final semester of college, I also interned with Ernst & Young LLP for six months. My team assessed
service availability of one of India’s Top 5 telecommunication ventures and sent out Tableau Reports for
its network up-time. Each outage event was reviewed and numerous operational problems and critical
scenarios were identified. I also single handedly developed various Excel Macros using Visual Basic for
Applications to perform data validation on alarm dump before using SQL Scripts to analyze and extract
outages and finally classifying them into several alarm categories. The client, with the help of these
reports, was able to increase their network uptime to a minimum of 95%.
After the completion of my internship at E&Y, I joined Mahindra Comviva, the global leader of mobility
solutions, as a Software Engineer. For the first assignment that I took up, I developed and rolled out Private
Recharge feature for various clients as part of PreTUPSTM, an Electronic Recharge System. The feature
was aimed to reduce the cases of harassment that would arise due to women sharing their number with the
recharge retailer. Subscribers could retain their mobile number by requesting a private pin and getting
recharge done through it. This addition later helped both, Idea Cellular and Comviva, win Asia
Communication’s 2017 award in ‘Social Contribution’ category for providing security and empowerment
to women. The senior management of my organization awarded me with the title of “Star Performer” for
my role in the project.
I would like to work under the guidance of Dr. Christopher Healey and provide support in his research of
Social Media Analytics. It would be interesting to add some additional features to “Sentiment viz” like
graphs to represent time series analysis of tweets of last few hours. His paper on Dengue Fever
Surveillance in India Using Text Mining in Public Media inspires me. His innovative work on countering
the problem of delay in data gathering and solution to obtain it in real time from public media gave me an
idea. I would like to use a similar approach to gauge crime patterns across geographies in order to identify
vulnerable as well as safe zones. This research has the potential of possibly saving or protecting millions
of vulnerable women from sexual assaults. I believe his experience and guidance would be invaluable.
I would also like to be part of WiCS, organize and participate in a variety of events. I would like to join
this cohort, where like-minded people come together to learn and innovate. The possibility of joining and
contributing to a community that enhances women’s role will bring me joy.
I am sure that North Carolina State University would be ideal for my personal as well as professional
growth. A Master’s Computer Science with track in Data Science would provide me with both, subject
matter expertise and a research rigor, which would help me push the boundaries of field of Data Science.
I believe that my commitment towards data science and personal values, will make me a suitable candidate
for NCSU.