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The study was aimed to present the possible relationship between the ethnic origin and the percentage of prevalence of domestic violence in the community and the United States. The specific factors that are involved in the study constitute the significant purposes of the study and are needed to be defined. The proposed course of research goes from the presentation of the overview of the factors affecting the occurrence of domestic violence in the society.

Due to the intent of presentation of a distinct and specific point of view in a specified area of study under the complex issue, the research to be conducted was intentionally directed to the focus on the women as the victim of the perpetration of domestic violence. The importance of the decision lies on the fact that women comprise the largest percentage of the victims of related violations. The advocacy of the different international groups and organizations regarding the violence at home is mainly focused on the female population mainly the study is aimed on the effects of the issue on the female part of the population.

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There are different factors that are considered in the study to be undertaken. These factors include the baseline data such as gender and age. These are considered important in analysis of social problems due to the fact that trends vary on the basis of age groups and gender. But although these factors are considered essential, it is used to be able to group and classify data. There are other factors that can be viewed as related to the cause of domestic violence. Another, the consideration on the geographic location on the belief regarding violence at home is included in the study. This can also be related ethnicity.

The significance of the race and ethnic groups in different issues in the society brought about the notion that it can affect the reaction and the treatment of members of the community. Thus, the ethnic origin has the possibility and significance in the study of domestic violence. This can also be related to the location of the violation. The main focus of the study conducted is the three groups in the United States that are considered of importance. One of the factors that can be considered is the social status of the household. Financial problems can contribute to the pressures that can be experienced by the family.

The struggles can be considered as one of the major problems that can create pressure in the household (Wadman, 2005). In relation to the problem in the financial status of the family are the employment and the source of livelihood in the family. Unemployment can also put pressure in the relationship of the family. Physical and mental conditions of the members of the family are also needed to be considered. Impairments and disabilities can cause negative impacts. The interaction of the members of the family, both the violators and the victims are also essential in consideration of the perpetration of the domestic violence.

Another factor that can be considered to be a potential reason in domestic violence is substance abuse. Thus, the results of the proposed study will be based on the following factors: Demographic and baseline information such as age and gender Social status of the household Employment or unemployment Physical and mental conditions of the members Substance abuse These factors will be the parameters that will be considered in the study on the occurrence of domestic violence. These factors are pertinent to the determination of the significant relationship between ethnicity and the prevalence of domestic violence.