The practically nobody is trying to stop

The Truman Show got its name from a rare psychological syndrome – a syndrome where people truly believe they are a part of a reality television show. This delusion mostly affects  white, middle-class, west american men. Men in this category believe everyone around them are merely acting. The Truman Show is, in its essence, an overblown variation of this phenomenon.
The main character of the movie, Truman, lives in an artificial world, where all his friends and family are actors. Truman’s life is televised for entertainment purposes and he has always lived in this world unaware of the show’s existence. The show brilliantly depicts media’s manipulative behaviors. The most interesting part for me is the movie’s underlying message: that it is not only Truman who is trapped, but also the whole world addicted to streaming him live.
The more sinister side of the project is unforgettable – Truman does not have any idea of the show’s existence, and practically nobody is trying to stop it. The viewers are expected to feel sorry for Truman but yet continue watching and spending hours upon hours cheering him on. We as humans have developed a sick culture that does not allow the dark side of things, and a great example for that is us overshadowing the meat industry. As long as these companies provide us with meat and keep the cruelty practices aside, everyone is happy. This shows how easy it is to trap and manipulate people – companies create a product so good, it is able to offset people’s moral obligations.
In this 1998 movie, people consume advertisement without asking questions. In every third minute of the movie there is some sort of advertisement presented which people just accept. The viewer is supposed to mindlessly consume this as, he or she, is willing to watch anything for the show. This is an effect we see in today’s social media, where we follow our idols and process too much information all at once. We are flooded with quick information and easy entertainment which turn our brains into mush because we don’t really use them.
I believe that the Truman syndrome got its roots from the individualistic and materialistic perspective that Hollywood portrays and plays a big part of. This type of psychological behavior manifests even healthy minded people. According to one of the leading physicians of this disorder, Dr. Joel Gold,”The pressure of living in a large, connected community can bring out the unstable side of more vulnerable people” (Wright). Dr Gold continues his studies by emphasizing the importance of not dismissing people with “attention-seeking” or narcissistic behavior as it only accompanies the mindset of a fraudulent world. Even us, stable individuals, phase some sort of  “spotlight effect” as teenagers but tend to grow out of it. The spotlight effect playes into the false conviction that everyone around you notices everything you do. The Truman Show relates to the average human in that type and therefore is considered relatable and relevant by me. 
In the end of the movie, Truman is finally able to escape from the contrived world invented by the media, which is exactly what we humans should do. Escape from the egoistic, materialistic and capitalistic society we live in.